Steve Harvey Reflects on Sharing a Birthday With Betty White

by Jacklyn Krol
Mary Clavering, Getty Images

Betty White and Steve Harvey share a birthday, January 19th.

The talk show host spoke about the special day on the Steve Harvey Morning Show in its 2022 return episode. White passed away on New Year’s Eve, just seventeen days shy of her 100th birthday. He spoke about her passing on his show and how tragic her death is and how beloved she was. He previously spoke out about her in depth on another episode.

“The other day I celebrated my birthday, man. Turned 61. I was feeling really good about that too, still am, you know. But I was on the Internet and I noticed that Betty White was trending,” he recalled per Cinemablend. “Because Betty White – I’ve known her for a long time – we have the exact same birthday. Mine wasn’t trending. Betty White’s birthday was trending, because Betty White turned 96 years old. Man, and she is still so sharp, man. Betty White interviews still sharp, man. I want to be 96 one day. My goal is 104, but I’m looking forward to 96. I really am, man.”

Harvey went on a tangent about how she was born in 1922 and that makes her older than a lot of things. One surprising fact that he shared blew everyone’s minds.

“Betty White is older than sliced bread. No listen to me. Sliced bread came out in 1928,” he confirmed. “That was the first time they came out with sliced bread. Before that, if you wanted a sandwich, you just had to tear off the loaf. You’d just tear another end off, find the peanut butter and just mash it together. She older than sliced bread man.

He also noted that in 1923 they invented hearing aids.

“Back then, when they said ‘Say what?’ they wasn’t trying to be cool; they really couldn’t hear you,” he joked.

How the Betty White Movie Became a Tribute

Movie theaters were set to premiere a movie honoring Betty White and her 100th birthday. Filmmakers had to pull it back just weeks before after the news of her passing. They reshaped the entire movie and made it into a piece that honors her legacy. It was no easy feat to do so.

It was originally supposed to be “A Birthday Celebration” filmmakers changed it to “A Celebration”. The film’s producers Steve Boettcher and Mike Trinklein were shocked at her passing. They worked with White for over fifteen years. They’ve been regularly interviewing her and filming her for a project like this.

“We were just shell-shocked,” Boettcher told The Hollywood Reporter. “I think with her so close to 100 — it was just a gutshot for all of us.”

“The original beginning of the film was A-list stars wishing Betty a happy birthday and jointly singing ‘Happy Birthday,’” Boettcher revealed. “We had to scrap all the A-list stars. It was like a five to seven-minute-long sequence. We had interview clips that we put in there that we had done that was, ‘Someday Betty will pass. What are your thoughts when that happens?’ Then Betty’s important message to her fans is what the film starts with. That was the crowning jewel at the beginning of the film.”

The new movie features a monologue from Betty White herself speaking to the fans directly. It was also her final interview and on camera appearance. She spoke directly to her supporters without a speech or teleprompter. Be sure to catch it in theaters only today, January 19.