‘Storage Wars’: Are Dan & Laura Dotson Real Auctioneers Outside of Show?

by Maria Hartfield

Storage Wars stars Dan Dotson and his wife Laura Dotson have been real auctioneers since before the series. The couple has been a part of the show since its inaugural season despite many other collectors dropping in from time to time.

Storage Wars takes viewers on a thrilling ride from bidding and buying to selling amid wild auction battles in California. Auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson lead buyers from one unit to the next filled with all kinds of items from furniture to knick-knacks and the lot. Buyers are willing to risk it all as they bid on lockers’ contents, hoping to find treasure and not just trash.

Amidst the highly exhilarating storage wars, some fans wonder if Dan Dotson is a real auctioneer outside of the show. It’s easy to assume he’s not totally legit. The reality series doesn’t always appear to be totally real. However, contrary to popular belief, it is.

Is Dan Dotson an Authentic Auctioneer?

Dan Dotson’s career as an experienced auctioneer began before Storage Wars premiered. Outside of the show, the Dotsons run their own business, American Auctioneers.

Dotson learned his trade from his grandfather, a cattle and farm auctioneer in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. He began working at auctions at a young age with his grandpa. Eventually, Dan started skipping class to attend auctions on his own.

American Auctioneers handles over 300,000 auctions and appraisals each year, according to its website.

The Dotsons Have Been on ‘Storage Wars’ Since the Beginning

Dan and Laura Dotson have appeared on the series since its premiere on A&E in 2010. In an interview with Monsters & Critics in November 2021, Laura said the show was originally her idea. In the same interview, Dan explained how they pitched it to the network.

“We originally thought that if we could figure out a way to get a pilot and that could get out there, that would be better than just nothing,” he said. “And then when A&E ordered the first four shows, we were just ecstatic. It’s just been a super blessing for us ever since then.”

Dan believes that the show is what he and his wife were “destined to do.”

What Happened to Dan Dotson’s Finger?

In a summer episode of the show, fans noticed Dan showed a bandaged hand. He took to YouTube to explain what happened. Apparently, one of his dogs nearly bit off his finger when the star broke up a fight between his French bulldogs. Fortunately, doctors were able to reattach the severed finger to his hand.

The successful auctioneer and reality TV star quickly recovered from the injury and didn’t skip a beat on the show.

Storage Wars airs on Tuesdays at 9 and 9:30 p.m. EST on A&E.