‘Storage Wars’: Barry Weiss’ Godson Is the Star of ‘Monster Garage’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Vallery Jean/FilmMagic)

Apparently, Barry Weiss isn’t the only reality star in his family. The Storage Wars star happens to have a very famous godson who was the star of Monster Garage. Weiss doesn’t talk about his connection to Jesse James too often. However, the two have more in common than you might expect.

Like his godfather, James decided to turn his knack for restoring collectibles and turning a profit. But while Weiss prefers to do this through storage units, James opted for garages. On Monster Garage, James customized cars and bikes using his own skills and style.

According to TV Shows Ace, James received his first dirt bike at the age of seven from his antique collector father, thus sparking his early interest in the industry. Unfortunately for the Storage Wars star’s godson, though, his customization career didn’t last very long on screens. Monster Garage only aired from 2002 to 2006 before James had to find a new career.

Following his Monster Garage stint, James then moved on to stunts on Spike network. James became the star of Jesse James Is a Dead Man in which he would perform death-defying tricks. This reappearance was not unlike that of his godfather, who returned to reality TV and Storage Wars after a hiatus to pursue the dream of becoming a “professional slacker.”

It’s unclear whether James and Weiss still keep in touch. However, it does seem that the two would have much to discuss if the Storage Wars star ever finds a locker full of antique bikes.

‘Storage Wars’ Star’s Family Earned Impressive Profit in Unexpected Manner

Given Weiss’ connection to fellow reality stars and millionaires, you might think that the Storage Wars star came from a long line of professional antiques hunters and enthusiasts who have found their fortune through recycled belongings. However, the Weiss family, and Barry, in particular, generated much of their wealth through a different industry altogether.

According to Brinkwire, Weiss and his brother originally worked in the produce industry for several decades. During that time, Weiss slowly but surely accrued the basis of his current net worth of $10 million. All the while, the future Storage Wars maintained his hobby of collecting antiques since the young and surprising age of 15. But it wouldn’t be until much later in life that he would finally make the switch from crops to collectibles.

Now, Weiss has become a staple member of Storage Wars, constantly astounding both fans and competitors with his storage unit finds. Deemed the “King of Collectibles,” Weiss has earned his impressive reputation through years of experience and lack of regard for others’ opinions. Now that he’s made his big reappearance on the show, hopefully, he’ll stick around for a little while longer.