‘Storage Wars’: Barry Weiss Has to ‘Pull the Plug’ on Locker in New Episode Preview

by Amy Myers

The stars of Storage Wars know that Barry Weiss is one of the most knowledgeable collectors to ever enter a storage bid. Many times, his competitors will look to him to gauge the value of the contents of the unit. So when even the “King of Collectibles” knows he needs to walk away from a locker, you know he has good reason.

Ahead of tonight’s new episode of Storage Wars, auctioneer Dan Dotson shared a clip of the trouble that Weiss has found.

Weiss and his team came across a locker packed full of a variety of boxes, coolers, and bags. As fans of Storage Wars know, the stars get a few seconds to scan the contents of the locker before placing a bid. They cannot touch or move any items, but they can shine a light to see items in the back.

After Weiss took a gander at the locker, he knew he wanted to win the bid. Perhaps he surveyed the quality of the totes or maybe he spotted one item that he knew would be worth the price tag. Either way, the Storage Wars purchased the lot for a hefty $1,000. No doubt, he had a tough battle against other stars that spotted the same potential that Weiss saw.

What Made ‘Storage Wars’ Star Barry Weiss Walk Away?

Usually, Weiss is pretty confident about his purchases. He’ll spot an item that gives him a good idea of the previous owner’s interests and collections. Sometimes, though, his preconceptions can lead him astray.

When the Storage Wars star began unpacking the contents of his locker, the crew initially found some marketable finds, including a new pair of Converse shoes, a planter, a Bunson burner, and some genuine horseshoes.

But soon enough, the team began to run out of valuable finds, and still, the locker was full from top to bottom. At this point, they had only collected approximately $474 worth of items. One of his assistants even had to crawl on top of the mountain of items to see if there were any potential sales in the back. Unfortunately, there was no such luck, and Weiss told his crew to pack it up.

Despite losing over $500 in the bid, the Storage Wars star didn’t waste another moment on the unit. With all of his experience picking through lockers, Weiss probably learned a long time ago that spending more time meticulously searching through the boxes won’t amount to enough money to make it worth the effort. Instead of trying to make up for his losses with a dud unit, Weiss would rather search for a gold mine at the next bidding.

Hopefully, he won’t have to spend nearly as much next time.