‘Storage Wars’: Brandi Passante Revealed the Questions Asked Before Bidding on a Storage Unit

by Matthew Memrick

“Storage Wars” stalwart Brandi Passante has her own list of things to ask before making a bid on a storage unit.

There’s always the chance of doing well or making a bust on a unit. But the 41-year-old Passante has a few personal good signs or red flags she’ll look for before she jumps into the fray.

Keep in mind that potential buyers are only allowed to look into a unit without touching anything. Distractify put together some of her buying conditions.

First, the unit’s cleanliness plays a factor. If an owner neatly puts stuff in the unit, a bid could be worth it. 

“Are there boxes that are purchased or boxes that are taken from the back of the grocery store, or are they packed in trash bags?” she asked. 

The “Storage Wars” queen is quick to see if an owner tosses stuff into a unit. She’s also aware of anything that may look decent.

Overall, the native Texan said a messy unit might not come up with any worthwhile valuables. 

“If it’s messy, if it’s just tossed in there, you can tell they obviously didn’t care about their things anyway, so why would there be something of value?” she said.

Brandi Passante Knows Her Stuff

Keep in mind, Brandi Passante has seen her fair share of messy and clean storage units over the years. She’s probably seen a messy house or two over the years. Reportedly, her first job involved cleaning carpets back in 1999. Brandi met her former husband, Jarrod Schulz, through a friend in that business.

Since then, she’s become a successful businesswoman and reality show buyer on the “Storage Wars” with other appearances on “The Rachel Ray” show and “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job.

The website The Net Line once estimated Passante’s net worth at $2.5 million.

Once a prominent couple in the show, fans learned recently that Passante and Schulz broke up in 2018. Also, a domestic situation between the two at a bar in May didn’t help Schulz.

The ex-husband has not been seen on the show this season, and A&E Networks has not explained his absence. However, Schulz could make a return in the future. However, we don’t know if the former couple would be allowed next to each other in any show scenes.

Upcoming “Storage Wars” Shows Teased

On Tuesday, Dan Dotson teased a scene from an upcoming episode. After Tuesday, “Storage Wars” Season 14 will be three shows into the season.

The Dotson wear hot pink shirts for the show, and mainstay Darrell Sheets is a unit buying machine. He buys his first two units for a combined $1,300. The third started at $250, but that didn’t stop Sheets. He eventually won the lot on a $2,350 bid.