‘Storage Wars’: Dan and Laura Dotson Open Up About Welcoming Barry Weiss Back for Season 13

by Taylor Cunningham

Storage Wars is back for its 13th season after a two-year COVID-related hiatus. And auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson welcomed Barry Weiss back to the show.

During an interview with Monsters and Critics, Dan and Laura Dotson said they’re absolutely “thrilled” to have Barry Weiss back on Storage Wars after all these years. His antics and off-beat character gave the series a lot of charm. And as Laura revealed, Barry’s personality is not an on-screen persona. The Barry we see on camera is exactly the Barry his friends see behind the scenes.

“We see him socially outside of work,” Laura said. “And I have to say that he is exactly what you see on the show.”

Dan described Barry Weiss as a “breath of fresh air.” He and Barry didn’t lose touch after Barry left in 2013 to host his own reality series titled Barry’d Treasure. The two have become friends who share years of memories together. And Dan thinks Barry brings a lot of fun and excitement to the series.

When you understand Barry, you just can’t help but love him,” he told Monsters and Critics. “I really like having Barry back. We used to ride bikes together every once and a while, we’ve had some great adventures doing that, but he is not riding his motorcycles anymore. It’s nice to have a breath of fresh air on Storage Wars because he brings something new and exciting.”

Why Barry Weiss Left ‘Storage Wars’ Only to Return Eight Years Later

Barry “The Collector” Weiss was a Storage Wars regular from season 1 until season 4. The colorful castmember left in 2013 to pursue his own series, Barry’d Treasure, which still airs on A&E. The bidder left a strong legacy in his wake. And at the request of fans, he returned for a special entitled Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back in 2015.

Considering Barry was so loved, many people wondered why he left the show after only four years. And Barry addressed that question during a 2017 interview. The star admitted that he “had a blast” while filming the series. But he “kind of wanted to leave while it was still popular.”

What Barry didn’t know was that Storage Wars would still be popular eight years after he quit. And because the series has lasted so long, he decided to make an epic return this year. And we do mean epic. Barry surprised his old castmates by driving a black 1939 Lincoln Zephyr— retrofitted with a flamethrower exhaust—to his first day of filming. And as everyone gawked, Barry asked, “did you miss me?”