‘Storage Wars’: Dan and Laura Dotson’s Best Advice for Going to an Auction

by Anna Dunn

Storage Wars stars Dan and Laura Dotson have some strong advice for going to an auction. The two are currently on season 13 of the hit series, which follows groups of bidders trying to make it big by buying up possessed storage units.

The reality show on A&E has proven itself to be immensely popular. So now, fans may wonder how to go to auctions and find treasures for themselves. Dan was happy to give some tips on what to do if you’re looking to buy an old storage unit.

In a recent interview with Monsters and Critics, the Auctioneer was asked for advice.

“I would tell [someone looking to buy] a couple of things. I would ask them to go register and subscribe to our companies online, StorageAuctions.net and AmericanAuctioneers.com. Then I would say that instead of just rushing right out with your hard-earned money and buying the first thing you see, I would look at several units. I would try to guess what I think they are going to bring and then I would follow those units and see what they ended up bringing in money-wise,” he explained.

The ‘Storage War’ Star Says to Factor Additional Costs into Your Budget

He also says that practice makes perfect. It may take a couple of trial and error rounds to get the hang of things before you start improving yourself.

On the show, there’s a lot of risk involved. But that risk isn’t something everyone can afford. In order to successfully buy, there has to be a good amount of care involved. With that care comes planning as well.

It’s important to take into account the costs that come with moving items out of the unit, and how that’ll factor into your budget.

“Make sure that you’ve got the capability to move everything out of that unit within the time that you are allotted. If you see junky stuff in there, you’re going to have to take it to the dump, you’re going to pay a dump fee, and you’re going to have a gas fee,” he explained. But it doesn’t stop there. You also have to consider whether or not you want to hire help.

“If you hire any labor, you’re going to have labor fees, and you might have truck fees,” he continued.

There’s a lot that you have to consider in a business like this, but the Storage Wars auctioneers definitely have some great pointers for people looking to get started.

The stars have been thriving on season 13, which recently welcomed back Barry Weiss. Many fans are excited about Weiss’s return and are loving the new episodes. If you want to catch the latest season, it airs on Tuesday nights on A&E at 9/8 central.