‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson ‘High Fived’ a Cactus and Goodness It Looks Painful

by Shelby Scott

There’s a lot of questions surrounding “Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson‘s latest Twitter post, but I’ll start with one of my own: “How?” While we’re sure the A&E star has encountered a lot of strange experiences throughout his 12 seasons on the hit show, this has to be one of his most painful and cryptic posts yet.

According to Dotson’s post, he “high-fived” a cactus, for whatever reason, and the outcome is far from anything I’d ever want to experience. Know that the photo is sort of gnarly, so perhaps scroll on by if you’re super squeamish.

Being that “Storage Wars” takes place in locations across California, it comes as no surprise that the show star would encounter a variety of cacti in his travels. However, we truly can’t pinpoint how exactly Dotson sustained a collection of several dozen cactus pricks in his hand.

Nevertheless, the “Storage Wars” star offers some sage advice, so pay heed Outsiders. “Never high five a cactus, or fall into one, it works out the same. Enjoy your Friday.”

Dotson’s tone communicates that, as a result of his encounter, his Friday didn’t kick-off to a good start. So, I guess in order to make sure your weekend doesn’t start off on a bad note, avoid all cacti.

‘Storage Wars’ Season 14 Sees Return of Familiar Face

Season 14 of “Storage Wars” kicks off this November 2nd, and fans are excited for the return of the competitive show. However, while the season promises an onslaught of interesting finds, it also promises the return of one familiar face.

After a long break from “Storage Wars,” iconic star Barry Weiss makes an exciting return and we can’t wait to see how his season goes. The A&E star debuts in the new season’s trailer rolling up in his incredibly stylish 1939 Lincoln Zephyr. “Did you miss me?” he enthusiastically asks as the trailer kicks off.

While Weiss’s absence from the show has been a long one, after leaving in 2015, his energetic spirit will surely make for a unique and fun season of “Storage Wars.”

Meanwhile, while some of the show’s cast members appear ecstatic at the star’s return, others have “no problem beating a senior citizen.” Of course, the cast member, Ivy, likely just means beating Barry in a bidding war, though we know things can get pretty serious on set.

As for Weiss’s absence, his return is welcome. The “Storage Wars” star initially left several years ago when he felt he needed to step away. Like many individuals across all genres of network television shows, Weiss needed a change and decided to step back from “Storage Wars.” Further, his return saw added delay when, in 2019, he sustained major injuries in a car accident that resulted in several necessary surgeries.

Regardless, only a few weeks remain until the season premiere of “Storage Wars” and we can’t wait to see Barry Weiss return to his A-game.