‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Is ‘Living in the Future’ Ahead of Tuesday’s Episode

by Matthew Memrick

“Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson is so excited for Tuesday’s show that everyone observed Daylight-Saving Time, he didn’t fall back an hour.

He’s also living in the future so that we can ask him anything. 

How’s that for a little Monday lunchtime fun for you? It’s kind of early in the question part of his informal Q&A process, but we’ll have to get back to you on what plays out and if there’s any more $7.5 million safes in his (or our) future.

One fan asked, “Are we a go for another season of the greatest reality show on tv beyond this one?”

Wonder what Dotson’ll say next.

“Storage Wars” Star Feeling Well

This future thing is just a joke, of course.

Dan Dotson’s been doing well since his 2014 double aneurysm. Well, that and a five-hour operation. Laura Dotson’s quick thinking and CPR work helped save his life. After a slow recovery, he was back to work on Season 13 of the show.

“Storage Wars” Creator Tells Of Biggest Score

With Season 14 playing itself out, Dotson’s been pretty open about the “Storage Wars” show he helped create with his wife, Laura.

When the website Monsters & Critics asked him what his biggest score from an auction was, he told them about some rare coins.

But they weren’t just regular rare coins. The unexpected five coins came in for thousands of dollars.

“Back in 1989, I acquired five coins from a $75 unit — 1883-O marks — which we sold for $26,000,” Dotson said.

Dotson said he found five wedged coins into two pieces of glass separated by old electrical metal tape. Add a Sears catalog cover to the mix, and the beautiful coins were an impressive find.

The five coins helped bring Dotson’s auction house out of the poor house and into the big time. He said it kept the company in business for over a decade. So Dotson’s likely message is, “you really never know what you’re going to find.”

Another story about the coins could be another learning lesson. Dotson’s mother encouraged him to get the coins appraised. His first guy valued them at $4,000. A second guy said they were worth $6,000. 

Mom didn’t like any of those guys. She urged her son to try one more guy.

“So, then my mom said if she was playing poker she wouldn’t fold right now,” he told “Monsters and Critics.” “So, she got a hold of David Hall Rare Coins, a PGCS grader, and we sold the coins to them. We made an appointment, went down there, and they said that our coins were worth $25,920.”

That’s a stark contrast from some of the guys you see on “Storage Wars.” I guess the lesson is, don’t go with the first appraisal sometimes.