‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Takes His New Harley-Davidson on Her ‘Maiden Voyage’

by Matthew Memrick

“Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson and his wife, Laura, took a new Harley-Davidson road glide on its “maiden voyage” on Wednesday.

Laura Dotson posed with the new hog, wearing a black monogrammed jacket with ripped jeans and a pleasant smile. Her 59-year-old husband likely snapped the picture of her and his birthday present.

The couple visited the Oak Glen Steakhouse in Yucaipa, Calif., and it looks like they got their new motorcycle in Palm Springs. The couple likely headed north on the I-10 to get to dinner and “have fun.”

The bike starts at $21,699 on the motorcycle lot, and it looks like the Dotsons went with the Vivid Black color.

According to Web Bike World, the Road Glide is one of Harley Davidson’s most popular bikes. The classic “Sharknose” frame-mounted fairing highlights the distinctive American bagger attitude. It also features a standard Boom!™ Box GTS Infotainment System.

The bike is so popular, and there’s a Facebook group of owners with about 47,000 members. It’s private, of course, unless you’re a member.

Over the years, there have been many celebrity Harley owners, including Kid Rock, Jay Leno, and Elizabeth Taylor. But, after a quick look, the Dotsons may be the first celebrities to show off their Road Glide.

Maybe, the couple celebrated the finish of their “Storage Wars” 14th season. Two episodes, “An Austrian in Perris” and “Pretty Fly…For a Locker!” aired at the end of last month. 

Storage Containers The Next “Storage Wars” Show?

Now that the season looks likes it’s over, how about another show idea?

According to Business Insider, there could be a new A&E spinoff show on the horizon. I have a name for it, “Storage Wars: California Shipping Containers.”

Because of supply-chain snarls, there’s a glut of abandoned shipping containers in ports. Those shippers have to get the cargo out without losing lots of money, so maybe the Dotsons can help out and auction off some mystery stuff in a few seaports. 

Jake Slinn, director of JS Cargo & Freight Disposal, compared his operation to the popular buying show.

“It’s like ‘Storage Wars,'” Slinn told Bloomberg. “You crack the doors open, and it’s something completely different than we were expecting.”

Slinn calls the process “a challenge,” noting that he’s often left wondering where to send items and what to do with them. 

He told Business Insider that one container marked Household goods had a sedan in it with clothes and kitchenware.

Slinn and other cargo-salvage buyers will buy the goods from the shipping company to resell them or charge for them to go to the dump.

Right now, if you walk into two of America’s largest ports, you might get run over by all the activity. In some cases, tens of thousands of shipping containers have sat for over nine days.

When the Dotsons get done with their ride, they better make phone calls.