‘Storage Wars’: Dan and Laura Dotson Are Ready To Start 2022 Filming

by Victoria Santiago

Dan and Laura Dotson are back to filming Storage Wars already. The couple was happy to leave 2021 in the dust and move on to bigger and better things. In a funny Twitter post by Dan, an almost minute-long video shows the two joking about New Year’s resolutions.

After joking about letting Laura hold the camera in the car, they both say they have no resolutions except to get far away from last year. “Good riddance to 2021. I’m just gonna walk away from a year when I don’t like it,” Dan says in the video. Laura joins in on the fun and jokes, “Is it 2022 yet? Yes!” After everything that happened in 2021, that sounds like the right reaction to a new year.

“First filming for 2022 #[email protected] Every Tues. 9/8c AmericanAuctioneers.com StorageAuctions.net,” Dan tweeted.

‘Storage Wars’ Still Going Strong

It’s no wonder that Storage Wars is still a key part of A&E after all these years. Dan and Laura Dotson are business-minded and charismatic to boot. Plus, they’re always chomping at the bit to get back to work. After spending some much-needed time with family during the holidays, both of them are ready to go. Dan isn’t the only one posting Storage Wars updates on social media. Laura is doing it, too.

“TeamDotson bidding you a #HappyNewYear. Thanks for loving #StorageWars for more than a decade. Over x300 shows and still going strong every Tues. 9/8c @AETV,” she tweeted. At this point in time, Storage Wars has been on the air for over a decade. Both her and Dan have remained fan favorites throughout the year as they participate in auctioning off storage units. It seems like they’re living the reality tv dream.

Funnily enough, a dream is exactly how the popular A&E show came to be. During an interview with Monsters and Critics, Laura Dotson mentioned that the idea for the show came to her in a dream. She would dream about being surrounded by cameras while at auction with her husband, Dan. At first, the dreams were a little questionable. After all, who is interested in seeing storage units full of other people’s stuff? As it turns out, a lot of people are. The dream led to them creating and pitching the idea for Storage Wars.

They were hopeful that a network would take an interest in the show. Thankfully, A&E expressed interest, and they got the ball rolling. Dan and Laura were over the moon excited about the prospect of sharing their lives with others. It’s safe to say that the auctioneering couple has gone on to have a very fulfilling stint on the TV network. The auctioneering gene runs strong in the Dotson family, which is evident on the show. We can’t wait to see more.