‘Storage Wars’: Why Dave Hester Doesn’t Have Anything on His Bucket List

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage/Getty Images)

For Storage Wars star Dave Hester, it looks like he has not missed too many chances to do things that he’d want to do before dying.

Hester talked about this in an interview with Online Storage Auction.

“I have been lucky enough to already have completed my bucket list,” he said. “Anything and anywhere I wanted to go and do I have done already. All around the world. The rest of the ride is just gravy.”

Hester, whose nickname is “The Mogul,” appeared on the show’s first three seasons, missed Season 4 and was on Seasons 5-12. He did not appear in SEason 12, which started airing in April 2021.

Episodes of Storage Wars can be seen on the A&E Network.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Has Quite A Career With Show Going Back To First Season

For Hester, being a part of Storage Wars was kind of like “the best of times and the worst of times.”

Having tucked away those TV days, Hester is busy running an auctioneering business. He also spends time with his family business.

Hester, though, has played out a lot of drama in the public.

Back in 2012, he accused the A&E Network of firing him. Why? Because Hester complained about staging storage unit auctions. At the time, Hester sought $750,000 in the suit.

Litigation ensued and Hester eventually settled with A&E.

Also, Hester did come back to the show but left for good in 2017.

Want more Storage Wars drama? OK. He got into a dispute over trademarking his catchphrase “Yuuup!” with Trey Songz. Now the singer used the same phrase to introduce songs and moved to trademark it himself. Hester and Songz went to court but they settled out of court.

Hester keeps himself focused on being a storage unit auctioneer.

Looking Back On First Time Hester Said ‘Yuuup!’ On A&E Show

Here’s another Storage Wars thing to look back upon with Hester.

When was the first time he uttered that catchphrase “Yuuup!” on the show”

Well, Hester said that he was a bid catcher and worked at an auction house 31 years ago.

Hester, 57, knew that he needed a distinctive word or phrase to have the auctioneer hear him.

That’s how he came up with that catchphrase, according to the website Online Storage Auction.

Fans of Storage Wars would toss that “Yuuup!” back at him. When that happens, though, Hester takes it as a compliment. It means his branding is on point. These days, he does business through his website and places like eBay.

One other thing about Hester.

This dude would mix it up with others on the show like Darrell and Brandon Sheets. Yet this just added to the TV person people would tune in to see.