‘Storage Wars’ Gives Preview of 300th Episode, Brandi Passante Lets ‘Claws Come Out’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

On Tuesday night, Storage Wars will air its milestone 300th episode, and buyer Brandi Passante let her “claws come out” during one of the bidding wars.

The popular A&E series first premiered back in 2010 after auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson pitched the idea to the network. The couple have each attended storage locker auctions for decades, and have their own auctioneering business. They thought their work would make for interesting reality TV viewing, and they couldn’t have been more right. The series is now in its 13th season and tonight marks the season finale.

Fans won’t want to miss the historic Storage Wars finale, especially since there seems to be some added drama tonight. PEOPLE got an exclusive sneak peek of the final episode and shared a clip of Brandi Passante and fellow buyer, Lisa, getting into a heated bidding war. 

“Lisa and I are friends, I think. But when you bid against me, the claws come out,” Brandi says in PEOPLE‘s exclusive clip.

As the bidding ramps up, Passante continues to outbid the competition at $375. However, an unknown buyer named Natasha jumps in with a $400 bid of her own.

“Who the f*** is Natasha?” Brandi amusingly asks as she looks around for the buyer.

Passante wasn’t happy with her fellow bidders, but eventually won out with a $425 bid. Following the storage unit purchase, she scanned through the locker to check out her investment. At first glance, the Storage Wars star spots a couple of old air conditioners that will pull in around $90. She then tosses a fake Gucci belt to the side, but gets super excited about something else she comes across.

“Oh, wait a minute, you guys,” Passante says as the anticipation builds.

Of course, the preview clip comes to a close there. So fans will have to tune in tonight at 9 p.m. ET to find out if Brandi’s purchase was worth it.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Explains Why Show Isn’t a ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Treasure Hunt

We’ll have to wait and see if Brandi Passante made a profit from her recent storage unit purchase when the 300th episode airs tonight. She and the other Storage Wars buyers do strike it rich on occasion. Yet while talking to Distractify last year about the A&E series, Brandi made sure to point out that not every storage locker is a home run.

Brandi admitted that Storage Wars doesn’t always highlight units that contain items of little to no value. It’s not as exciting for viewers, so the show tends to feature lockers with high-dollar items. It simply makes for better television for all involved. Additionally, that’s why Passante shared that the series is far from a get-rich-quick treasure hunt.

“You’re going to get good ones and bad ones, and I don’t think the show really highlights the bad ones as much … but it definitely happens,” Passante explained to Distractify. “From the very beginning, I think when people saw the show, they just assumed that this was some kind of get-rich-quick, modern-day treasure hunt. And in every unit, you’re going to find something great, but that’s just not how it goes. You just have to try your best to make a guesstimate as to what’s going to be in there.”