‘Storage Wars’: Here’s Who Is in the Cast for Season 13

by Taylor Cunningham

Storage Wars made its epic return on Tuesday, November 2nd. Here’s who’s bidding during season 13.

On A&E’s Storage Wars, bidders get small glimpses of abandoned storage lockers and try to buy them with hopes of finding treasures inside. Often, people find nothing but old clothes and pictures. But sometimes, stars get lucky and find items worth tens of thousands of dollars. So, they can’t help but take a gamble each season. And this year, we saw a lot of familiar faces come back for another round.

Brandi Passante is continuing with the series. But she won’t be teaming up with her ex Jarrod Schultz. After allegations of domestic violence headlined this summer, the two have completely severed ties. And Brandi will be bidding solo this year.

Big bidders Rene and Casey Nezhoda are also coming back to Storage Wars. And they’re convinced that they have the upper hand this year.

“It’s pretty safe to say that in the current cast that Darrell and I are probably the most experienced,” Renee said. “I also like to think that I’m funny.”

Ivy Calvin joined the cast again, too. And this season, he’s bringing his sons Ivy Jr. and Isiah along for the ride. Eventually, Ivy’s sons want to take over the family business, Grandma’s Attic, which has a storefront in Palmdale California. So they’re getting some on-the-job experience. The guys won’t be full-time cast members, but they will make recurring appearances on the show.

Kenny Crossley, a former sheriff, is back for his third year on Storage Wars. And he’s still committed to bidding low with the hope of scoring major finds. And during his summer break, he’s been hosting The kennydoit’s Podcast.

These Stars are Back on ‘Storage War’ After Taking a Few Season Off

Dan and Laura Dotson are back as the Storage Wars auctioneers after taking a few years off. According to Screenrant, A&E didn’t ask the couple to come back after season nine because of budget cuts. But now “they’re back, ready and rarin’ to go for Season 13.”

Darrell Sheets is coming back after taking a break from the show. In 2019, he stepped away from the camera after he suffered a mild heart attack and subsequent lung infection. But Looper reported that he couldn’t resist re-signing this year.

And last, but definitely not least, Barry Weiss made an exciting comeback. The eccentric bidder last appeared on Storage Wars in 2015. And while he’s been gone, he’s been training with an internationally-recognized bidding coach. According to The U.S Sun, Barry almost had to completely give up his career after being injured in a motorcycle accident. But now he’s back and ready to win big.