‘Storage Wars’: How Brandi Passante Landed Role on Show

by Chris Haney

Since the debut of Storage Wars in 2010, Brandi Passante has won over fans with her gritty bidding. She has great instincts when it comes to buying or passing on storage units up for sale. While she’s become a fan favorite through the years, many viewers probably don’t know how she landed her role on the hit A&E reality TV series.

Most Storage Wars fans connect Passante with her ex-husband, Jarrod Schulz, since the pair starred on the show together for years. In fact, fans enjoyed their chemistry and knack for buying so much that the network gave them their own spinoff, Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job.

Yet previous to their time on the show, Brandi and Jarrod were already in the buying and selling business. The couple owned a second-hand items store called “Now and Then” in Orange County. Additionally, many of the items they sold in their shop were from storage unit auctions. So they knew the ins and outs of the business already.

In fact, while Jarrod attended an auction one day, a Storage Wars staff member scouted him for the show. They approached him about becoming a cast member, and originally only wanted Schulz for the series. However, producers happened to visit their store and saw Passante in action with customers. They offered her a role on the show immediately.

Not long after, Storage Wars premiered on A&E to great success. It’s become one of the most popular shows in the history of the network and has gone on to have multiple spinoffs in different states across the country. Brandi Passante has been there since the beginning and is still going strong in Season 14, which debuted in early November.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Explains Why the Show Isn’t a ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Treasure Hunt

In April, Storage Wars star Brandi Passante spoke with Distractify about the hit A&E reality show. During the interview, she opened up about various aspects of the series, including whether or not the show is scripted.

Passante admitted that Storage Wars doesn’t always highlight the less lucrative storage units that don’t pan out for the buyers. It’s not exactly shocking that the network chooses to feature more interesting lockers with high-dollar items. Further, Passante shared that storage locker bidding isn’t just a get-rich-quick treasure hunt.

“You’re going to get good ones and bad ones, and I don’t think the show really highlights the bad ones as much … but it definitely happens,” Passante explained to Distractify. “From the very beginning, I think when people saw the show, they just assumed that this was some kind of get-rich-quick, modern-day treasure hunt. And in every unit, you’re going to find something great, but that’s just not how it goes. You just have to try your best to make a guesstimate as to what’s going to be in there.”