‘Storage Wars’: How Casey and Rene Hit Jackpot With This Toy Chest

by Josh Lanier

Casey and Rene Nezhoda scored on last week’s episode of Storage Wars. The couple makes some cash after they found a toy chest filled with some rare items. And this pick was a family affair.

While picking through a locker they purchased in Carlsbad, California, Casey and Rene find a chest of drawers. The possibilities on items like this are what make Storage Wars so much fun to watch. Inside are three drawers filled with toys. Rene asks his wife, dad, and daughter to choose a drawer. Whoever has the most expensive collection wins that amount of cash.

Rene and Casey’s daughter, Tatiana, scored the lowest. She only netted about $250 worth of merchandise for their store. Gunter, Rene’s dad, almost won. His drawer was full of some ho-hum items like a series of small figurines from Japan that Rene thinks were worth about $5 each. He had some knock-off Disney toys that were a little worse for wear, a Japanese eraser set worth about $20, a pencil sharpener, an interesting-looking toy poodle, and a turn-of-the-century figurine. But the most valuable item by far was the Peanuts doll. Rene estimated that the toy, based on Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip, was worth about $100.

All of those items added up to about $350 in total-estimated value. But that was just shy of Casey’s $400 haul, meaning she got to keep the money. As she celebrated her victory by fanning herself with the stack of cash, Gunther and Tatiana said they didn’t like playing that game.

Rene Talks About What He Brings to ‘Storage Wars’

The biggest shake-up this season was the return of “crazy uncle” Barry Weiss. The fan-favorite collector rejoined the cast of Storage Wars after an eight-season hiatus. Weiss took time away from the show following a serious motorcycle wreck in 2019.

Rene Nezhoda said fans constantly asked him when Barry would return. He was happy that he could finally let them know Weiss would be back. Weiss is one of the more colorful characters on Storage Wars. He’s quick with a joke and has charisma for days. But Rene wants to bring the funny, too.

Nezhoda thinks his strengths on Storage Wars come from his years of experience and his wit.

“It’s pretty safe to say that in the current cast that Darrell (Sheets) and I are probably the most experienced,” he told Parade magazine. “I also like to think that I’m funny. I always used to tell God that I want to be just like John Candy, and he made me really fat, but that’s not what I meant,” he joked. “I meant the personality, character, and the fun attitude. But it’s okay, I guess I should have been more specific in my prayers.”