‘Storage Wars’: How Nabila Haniss Got Famous Selling Major Celebrity’s Storage Unit Items

by Amy Myers

Nabila Haniss may not have been on Storage Wars for long, but during those few seasons, she created quite a name for herself. Back in Season 2, Haniss made her first appearance on the show during Episode 23, “Smoke ‘Em If You Find ‘Em.” Even before Haniss began making bids, the show deemed her as a “heavy hitter” with “with a story of buying one of the most famous units in storage buying history.”

Before appearing on Storage Wars, Haniss purchased an incredibly valuable storage locker that contained some of Paris Hilton’s belongings. She bought the lot for only $2,775 and resold them through the website Parisexposed.com in January 2007. From this website, fans (or critics) of Hilton could pay to gain access to personal items such as diaries, home videos and other assets. Some of the items also belonged to Hilton’s sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild. Before the heiress caught wind of Haniss’ dealings, the professional bidder had already racked up $10 million.

However, this profit didn’t come without consequences. Upon finding out about the merchandise, Hilton filed a lawsuit against the future Storage Wars star.

“I was appalled to learn that people are exploiting my and my sister’s private personal belongings for commercial gain,” Paris shared in a statement, according to Distractify.

Despite the legal ramifications, Haniss came out with a sparkling reputation in the storage bidding world. The fact that she was able to find Hilton’s belongings and purchase them for such a low price was an astounding task. Needless to say, when Haniss appeared on Storage Wars, her competitors knew she was one to watch out for.

Fans Wanted to See More of Haniss on ‘Storage Wars’

Between her time on the show from 2011 to 2013, Haniss only starred in eight episodes of Storage Wars. Yet, she made quite a lasting impression on both her competitors as well as fans. Besides her cutthroat techniques at the units, Haniss was also popular among viewers for her sassy yet charming demeanor.

Not unlike fellow female star Brandi Passante, Haniss offered a unique counterpoint against the more macho members of the Storage Wars cast, like Dave Hester. She made it clear that she had just as keen an eye for valuables and wasn’t afraid to put anyone in their place. But she always did it with a smile on her face.

As a result, fans hoped to see more of Haniss on the show and took to Twitter to share their appreciation of the bidder.

“Storage Wars needs more Nabila,” one fan wrote.

“Nabila hannis [sic] from storage wars is such a cutie!” another wrote.

Unfortunately for these fans, Haniss decided to make her future transactions private. Since leaving Storage Wars, Haniss has left behind the limelight as well.