‘Storage Wars’: Inside the Most Gruesome Unit Darrell Sheets Ever Bought

by Chris Haney

While the stars of Storage Wars look to strike it rich when they bid on unpaid storage units, sometimes they come across an unwelcome surprise. That was the case when the show’s original cast member Darrell Sheets opened up about a storage unit he bought back in 1988.

Sheets and his son, Brandon, became reality TV stars in 2010 when A&E first aired Storage Wars. Even though Sheets left the show in 2017, he was a prominent figure in the series for years. For more than 30 years, Sheets attended storage auctions. And viewers came to know him from hitting it big on many of the show’s episodes.

Yet for anyone that’s been in the business as long as Sheets, there’s bound to be some not-so great buys. He’s known for his profitable lockers, and his catchphrase “This is the wow factor,” but one unit he bought years back he likely wishes he never would’ve purchased. The Storage Wars star claims that he found a dead body inside a unit he bought in San Diego in the late ’80s.

Sheets first mentioned the disturbing story during the 2011 series special Unlocked. The spinoff show brought cast members together around a poker table to exchange industry stories. Auctioneer Laura Dotson revealed a story about a woman she knows who bought a locker and discovered a corpse inside. That’s when Sheets chimed in with his own story, but he didn’t share many details.

“You know, I don’t really want to talk about it a whole lot, it wasn’t a pleasant situation. But in this business, it does happen. I’ve found ashes, coffins … ” Sheets said in the Storage Wars spinoff.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Goes Into Further Detail About His Disturbing Find

The following year, Storage Wars reality star Darrell Sheets went into further detail about the dead body he found in San Diego. In an interview with Reality Weekly in 2012, he shared more gruesome details of his encounter with the corpse.

Sheets said he bought the San Diego locker and was in for a shock as he went through its contents. He told the now-defunct outlet that he discovered a plastic-wrapped human corpse within the unit. The Storage Wars original cast member then called the police who supposedly filled him in on the situation. Authorities explained to Sheets that a local man murdered his wife and dumped her remains in the storage unit.

“It was a very horrific story, and it was an occult group and all that kind of stuff,” Sheets said in 2012. “The San Diego police confiscated everything in the locker.”

At the time, Reality Weekly claimed they followed up on Sheets’ story with the San Diego Police Department. However, officials told the magazine his story could not be corroborated or disputed without further information. Police needed the date and location of where Sheets found the body to be able to confirm it.

While the tale hasn’t been 100% confirmed, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Sheets’ story either falls under the category of one of the most disturbing storage unit finds ever, or is simply Storage Wars lore.