‘Storage Wars’ Ivy Calvin Enjoys His Findings in Teaser for Upcoming Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

Our favorite Storage Wars auctioneer just posted a new promo on his Twitter feed, and it reminds us why we love Ivy Calvin so much.

The King of Palmdale—Ivy Calvin—is a Storage Wars veteran with 8 years of on-screen experience and 16 years of overall bidding experience.

The Grandma’s Attic owner has a no-nonsense approach to buying. And it’s served him well throughout his run on the show. The 50-year-old former MMA fighter has amassed a net worth of $1.5 million. Not too shabby!

But despite all of that, he’s just an all-around likable guy. Even his Storage Wars competitor Rene Nezhoda can’t help but love Ivy.

“Ivy is a  strong family man, something I put a lot of value in. He is a really good guy,” she told Parade during a pre-season interview. “I enjoy him a lot.”

And a video that Dan Dotson posted today makes us enjoy him too. Maybe even more than we did yesterday.

Ivy Calvin Made ‘No Money’ on his Recent Bid

In a short promo for tomorrow’s episode, Ivy can be seen ringing up his profit from a winning bid. And he’s having a lot of fun doing it.

As Ivy start’s to dig into his new locker, he puts on an old pair of shades that “make him feel a little bit cooler.”

The star immediately realizes that the goods aren’t very impressive, but he doesn’t mind.

“No money,” he sings as he flips through some clothes that “don’t sell worth a crap.”

Ivy continues to search through the goods explaining them as “slow money,” while he shows off old towels and bathrobes. He even finds a silk sheet that makes him feel like a “Kung Foo master,” and a few unmentionable items that would only appear in X-rated movies.

The promo cut off before we saw how much the locker was worth. But as the bidder rode off the screen on a kid-sized scooter yelling, “Where we goin’, Ivy,” we realized watching him work was priceless.

Laura Dotson Remembers Pitching ‘Storage Wars’

Storage Wars co-host Laura Dotson was “destined” to be a reality star.

While talking to Monsters & Critics last month, Laura told the tale behind her hectic bid to bring Storage Wars to the screen.

Apparently, she was chatting with A&E producers while working one day.

“I was on the telephone at an auction and they were hearing me say, ‘Stay out of the unit! Don’t touch that unit!’  And they go, ‘What’s going on?’  And I’m talking to the executives and they’re like, ‘Tell us what’s happening?” she said.

Listening to the chaos made the network realize they wanted to shadow Laura and her husband Dan on the job and eventually pick up the series.

“Is, this what happens all the time?” they asked. “Oh yeah, it’s like do or die out here,” she responded.  

When the soon-to-be reality star hung up the phone, she excitedly told the crowd that she was going to host a show one day. And she proclaimed they’d have “five million viewers,” which is a prediction that came true.

Laura Dotson added, “I believe this is what we were destined to do.”

And we think so, too. Her series was an instant hit. And currently, it’s in its 13th season.