‘Storage Wars’: Rene Nezhoda Hits Jackpot After Spending $1,500 on This Unit

by Chris Haney
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Last week, Storage Wars star Rene Nezhoda and his wife hit it big after originally spending $1,500 on a sparse storage locker. While there may not have been a ton in the unit that primarily only contained sneakers, Rene knew he had hit the jackpot.

Last month, Season 14 of the hit A&E reality series returned to television. Auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson are back at the helm of the show auctioning off unpaid storage units throughout California. However, the Dotsons aren’t the only couple who are stars on the series.

Rene and his wife, Casey, have also returned for the newest season of Storage Wars, which first premiered in 2010. The couple owns their own second-hand shop called Bargain Hunters Thrift Store in Poway, California. While they make plenty of deals on the popular show, they also film some of their storage buys off the show for their YouTube channel. In fact, the Storage Wars star teased the family’s newest video on Instagram and promised to post the results over the weekend.

“We just spent $1500 on a unit full of #airjordans #sneakers #nike #shoes #storagewars,” Rene said in an Instagram video last Thursday announcing the new YouTube video.

The thrift store owner followed through on his promise and posted a 32-minute video showing off their results. The couple enlisted the help of their daughter, Tatiana, as they went through the locker full of Air Jordans, Nike Kyries, and more.

How Did the ‘Storage Wars’ Star Do With His $1,500 Purchase?

In the video, Rene sets up a fold out table beside the storage locker to go through the items one by one. At first, they take out a storage box full of brand new hats from sports teams in various leagues. They trashed a few of the caps that weren’t in good condition, but the rest looked brand new. After counting 37 ball caps, and pricing them conservatively at $10 a pop, Rene starts out with $370 before touching a single pair of shoes.

Next, they grab a huge tub of mixed shoes that aren’t in their box. There’s Adidas, Asics, Jordan 1 Mids, Air Jordan 9 Lows, Nike Air Penny 2s, and some Nike Trainers. Again, Rene prices them low and assumes the whole box of shoes is worth at least $300. Yet there’s many more to go through before they’re done.

The Storage Wars star then starts to get into some of the sneakers that are still in their box. They’re scattered all over the edges of the storage unit, and Rene wasn’t disappointed with his finds. The shoes are all either brand new or barely worn. There are plenty of Michael Jordan’s signature shoes, including Air Jordan IIs, IVs, VIs, VIIs, IXs, Xs, XIIs, XIIIs, and XIVs. Additionally, there are LeBron James‘ signature Nike shoes, Kyrie Irving‘s signature Nikes, Allen Iverson’s signature Reeboks, and many more.

In total there are 54 boxes of sneakers and that means big money. Considering how many sneakers there are that are in great shape, Rene values the whole unit at more than $5,000. If he prices them out accordingly and does his research, he should get much more than that. Rene, Casey, and Tatiana definitely hit the jackpot.