‘Storage Wars’ Star Beams With Pride Over Daughter Making Appearance on Show

by Chris Haney

Late on Tuesday night, Storage Wars star Rene Nezhoda shared his excitement about last night’s new episode that included his own daughter making an appearance.

Nezhoda shared a couple of different Instagram posts about Storage Wars’ most recent episodes. Season 13 is well underway as the cast travels throughout California bidding on storage unit auctions. Auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson are back at the helm of the popular A&E reality series. Additionally, fan-favorite buyer Barry Weiss made his long-awaited return to the show this season.

However, there was a new addition to the cast during last night’s second new episode. Rene and his wife, Casey, returned to the hit series this season, and they brought along their teenaged daughter, Tatiana. The family owns their own second-hand business in Poway, California called Bargain Hunters Thrift Store. So Tatiana knows buying and selling well from growing up around her family’s business.

The Nezhodas don’t just buy storage lockers on Storage Wars for the sake of the show. They’re always on the search for deals that will help them stock up their store and online eBay shop. In fact, they even film some of their off-camera purchases for their own YouTube channel.

Tatiana’s famous dad took to Instagram to remind Storage Wars fans to watch the latest episodes on A&E. The series had already aired on the East Coast, but he told West Coast fans to make sure to tune in.

“Guess who’s on Storage Wars tonight? She’s gonna teach the world with her math skills,” Rene said as his daughter agreed while laughing. “We actually made a lot of money on the unit, right? So if you’re on the West Coast and haven’t seen it yet, tune in and watch my little angel. I’m sure she’s gonna break a whole bunch of stuff just like her daddy.”

“My angel is on #storagewars,” Rene Nezhoda proudly wrote on Instagram.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Sends Message to Fans After ‘Filming All Day’

Only hours before his proud post about Tatiana’s appearance on the show, the Storage Wars star shared another message about filming brand new episodes all day long yesterday.

Nezhoda filmed himself while at his store after an 11-hour day of filming. That’s good news for fans of the popular show since we’ve got more episodes on the way soon. But he still had plenty to take care of after filming since his family’s Bargain Hunters Thrift Store sold tons of items on eBay recently.

He told his fans and customers that they’re packing orders up and shipping them out soon. Of course, Rene also told fans about the new episodes of Storage Wars that were about to air last night.

“Hey guys, been filming all day today. It’s been going on for like 11 hours. I can barely see straight anymore,” Nezhoda joked before promoting tonight’s new episodes.