‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Celebrates 300 Episodes: ‘Ready for Another 300’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

This may be hard to believe, but the popular A&E series, Storage Wars, has officially hit its 300th episode. However, Dan Dotson doesn’t want to stop there. He wants the show to go on for another 300.

Dan Dotson, of course, is without a doubt best known for being the auctioneer on the A&E Network hit show, Storage Wars. We know that a lot of you Outsiders love the show, but for those at home who don’t know, below is a quick breakdown of what it’s all about.

The series follows professional buyers who go to storage facilities all over. They are allowed to bid on the things in the unpaid units. It’s probably more intense than you think, though, as each buyer is given only five minutes to look at the unit’s contents from the doorway. But they can’t touch anything or even go inside. This model has led to more than 12 years of success for Dan Dotson and his wife, Laura.

“Thank you everyone for the success of #StorageWars Celebrating our #300th episode!” Dotson wrote on Twitter. “12 years and 14 seasons later we feel like we’re ready for another 300. Who’s with me?”

As you can imagine, fans of Storage Wars were quick to congratulate Dotson on what has been a historic run.

“Congrats to 300 episodes!” one fan said. “Been a fan since the very beginning. Here’s to many, many more!”

“Congratulations Dan and crew,” a second fan commented. “I still remember watching the first one. It was everyone’s first day in school. Great show!”

“Another 3,000 for me,” a third fan gushed. “Such an enjoyable easy watch.”

Where Did the Idea for ‘Storage Wars’ Come From?

Alright, so how many of you Outsiders know how Storage Wars first got its start? It’s a pretty cool story and definitely one of the most unique in the entire television industry.

It turns out that Laura Dotson started having dreams about starting her very own auction show. As a matter of fact, she once told Monsters & Critics the whole story.

“About 15 years ago, I’d been having all these dreams where I kept seeing television cameras around us while we are at an auction,” she explained. “And I’m thinking, ‘Who wants to see auction stuff? Or this underground world of stuff which you never know what you’re going to find?”

In Laura’s mind, she didn’t exactly think the show could be all that successful. But she was quickly proven wrong on that front. Little did she know, there was actually a huge audience out there who loves that sort of thing.

“And it turns out that it’s just this exciting thing that I didn’t even know if anybody was going to be interested in it.”

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