‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Celebrates Service Members on Veterans Day

by Matthew Memrick

Auctioneer and “Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson took the tried-and-true message to celebrate service members on Veterans Day this year.

It all comes down to freedom, the 58-year-old man said. 

Last year he posted a similar message to thank service members.

“We’re thanking, honoring, and remembering all veterans everywhere and for all times. Freedom has never been free. #ThankAVeteran. #thankyou all veterans.”

‘Storage Wars’ Star, Cactus Meet

Recently, Dan Dotson showed fans an encounter he had with a cactus.

He told fans that he “high-fived” a California cactus in a post, showing them his hand. Maybe he was doing some amateur acupuncture, but whatever it was, it sure looked painful. Then came the sage advice.

“Never high-five a cactus or fall into one. It works out the same. Enjoy your Friday,” Dan Dotson related.

Love For Dogs Hurt’ Storage Wars’ Host Last Year

Another hand incident could’ve been worse for Dan Dotson

Dotson’s attempt to break up his fighting dogs in May didn’t work out too well. California’s Redlands Hospital staff tended to the man’s finger and were able to reattach it.

People Magazine reported that the auctioneer nearly lost part of his finger after attempting to intervene between his two French bulldogs.

An episode with Dotson showed the man’s bandaged hand, and later fans came to learn the man had his finger bitten off.

Dotson talked about what happened in a YouTube video about the ordeal.

The “Storage Wars” host lost the tip of his left ring finger. Dotson doesn’t hold back, showing viewers the tip. Blood from the accident covered his wedding ring in the video as well. 

Time Before ‘Storage Wars’ Was Stressful

The Dotsons have run their successful auction business for some time. But before “Storage Wars,” the couple didn’t spend as much time together as they would have liked.

“Before (the show), we drove 250 miles a day separately, and then we’d come back tired. And since the show started, Laura and I have been able to spend every day together,” Dan Dotson told Parade Magazine.

Dan Dotson said the show, which they started appearing on in Dec. 2010, has been great for their marriage. They’ve known each other since 1996. He said, “it’s afforded us a lifestyle, and it’s helped with our brands.” 

Laura Dotson joked that she’s thankful that they like each other.

“We have similar interests, and truthfully Danny’s my best friend, and I just am so thankful that I get to work with him and spend so much time with him,” Laura Dotson said. “I wouldn’t want to be with anybody else!”

‘Storage Wars’ Season Heating Up

Next week will feature two episodes titled “The Old Man and the Spree” and “She Bidded Me With Science!” The shows will likely air this upcoming Tuesday.