‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Gives Wife Laura Major Shoutout After Last Night’s New Episode

by Amy Myers

Storage Wars auctioneer Dan Dotson wanted to make sure his wife knew just how proud he was of her in last night’s episode. According to the man behind the lockers, Laura took over some of his duties and showed off some auctioneering skills of her own. Although, we’re not sure that she can call out prices at quite the same speed as her husband.

“We’ll, what did you think?” the Storage Wars star asked fans. “Hope everyone loved the new #StorageWars last night. Thx for telling your friends and tuning in! As always @paytheladylaura did an excellent job with her auctioneering skills #bestteacherever.”

Usually, Laura acts as Dan’s right-hand woman, keeping track of all the offers and payments as they rip open each new locker. But surely, after standing by her husband’s side all these years, she’s picked up a few tricks of her own.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Makes Risky Purchase for Two Lockers

Despite how exciting Dan and Laura Dotson can make a storage locker seem, some spaces just aren’t worth the extra buck. After taking an initial look at the contents, most of the Storage Wars stars decided that these two lockers would amount to more work than they were worth, so when Dan started calling out prices, they kept their hands low.

However, one star thought that he saw something that his co-stars didn’t. So, Kenny Crossley threw his hat in the ring for $25 for each locker. No one seemed all that jealous.

“What has two eyes but can’t see a locker? Kenny do,” fellow bidder Ivy Calvin joked.

Once Crossley paid the lady, he and Brandi Passante began rummaging through the contents. At first, all they found was an empty mini-fridge, a fur-covered armchair and some wooden furniture. Thankfully, they did uncover three items that would bring their total up to $499 – a tent, a small bike and a four-track recorder.

Upon finding the recorder, the two Storage Wars stars knew that they needed a second opinion on the price. So, they took it to “the man who knows everything and then some,” Tom Baker. Sure enough, when Crossley presented the collector with the device, Baker named the type of recorder, brand, year and origin. After fiddling with the knobs, Baker finally priced the item at $449.

But the day wasn’t over just yet. Apparently, Baker had a graduation in mind for the Storage Wars bidders.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Baker told them. “Not until you graduate with the Master’s degrees of Tom Baker’s school of recording.”

After making a $449 profit, the two walked across Baker’s driveway in caps and gowns to the tune of “Silent Night” on the harp. Outside of Storage Wars, this certainly would have seemed strange, but to these stars, it’s just another day at the lockers.