‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Once Got in Fist Fight After an Auction Got Tense

by Jennifer Shea

“Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson once got into a brawl with Dave Hester over a close auction that Hester said Dotson screwed up.

Dotson, the auctioneer on “Storage Wars” since the A&E reality show launched in 2010, maintained that he hadn’t seen a competing offer from a woman who insisted, “Hey, I was bidding over here!” after the auction was over. Hester claimed, “I saw it! I witnessed it. Auctioneer has the right to re-open the bid.”

But Dotson declined to re-open the bid, walking away with his wife, Laura, behind him. Hester wouldn’t let up, following them and accusing them of missing bids. Eventually, Dotson confronted him, and the two got into a fistfight.  

Watch the tense altercation here:

‘Storage Wars’ Star’s Son Survived Shooting Last Year

That would not be the Dotson family’s last brush with danger. On Sept. 13, 2020, Dotson’s son Garrett was allegedly the victim of a drive-by shooting. The younger Dotson has a bullet lodged in his spine to this day, the Havasu News-Herald reports.

According to police accounts at the time, Garret Wilder, then 21, got into an argument with the younger Dotson in or near the latter’s car. Wilder then allegedy fired a pistol at Dotson, shooting him in the abdomen.

Dotson had to be airlifted to a hospital for emergency surgery. The bullet hit one of the main blood vessels to his heart and fractured his spine.

But in court this month, Wilder’s attorney reportedly presented a very different version of events. He alleged that Wilder had been driving along, minding his own business, until he noticed two men by the side of the road arguing. He allegedly pulled over to help out. The attorney claimed Wilder was sober while Dotson and his friend were drunk. He said the two men Wilder had allegedly stopped to help were itching for a fight. The attorney claims Wilder fired his gun in self-defense.

Deputy Mohave County attorney Kellen Marlow countered that neither Dotson nor his friend Mauro Owens had weapons when Wilder shot Dotson, per the News-Herald.

As for the “Storage Wars” star, he remains grateful to everyone who prayed for his son, as well as to the surgeon who saved his life. It looks like the Dotson family are no strangers to violent confrontations, unfortunately.

Dave Hester Sued A&E After the Network Terminated Him

And what about Hester, Dotson’s opponent in that rumble? He was let go from “Storage Wars” in 2012, and later sued A&E for wrongful termination and unfair business practices, per The Sun.

Hester’s $750,000 lawsuit was eventually settled, but not before a judge told Hester to pay $122,000 to make up A&E’s legal fees. In a stunning reversal, A&E then let him return to the show for five more seasons.

Hester’s final appearance on “Storage Wars” was in 2017. He subsequently founded his own auctioneering business.