‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Previews All-New Episodes

by Chris Haney

Storage Wars returns later tonight with back-to-back new episodes, and auctioneer Dan Dotson has given fans a sneak peak on social media.

Season 14 debuted two weeks ago, and once again, Dan and his wife, Laura Dotson, are at the head of the hit A&E series. The pair created the show and handpicked the buyers for the first season, which aired in 2010.

The reality TV couple came up with the idea for the series while traveling throughout California and auctioning off unpaid storage units. If storage unit renters don’t pay their fees for three months, their contents can be sold to the highest bidder, according to California law.

While it seems like a simple concept, the buyer’s personalities make the series. That’s why Storage Wars has become one of the network’s most popular shows for more than a decade. In fact, multiple spinoff series have been picked up by A&E as well. The network has spinoffs in New York, Miami, Texas, and more.

On Tuesday morning, Dotson posted a scene from one of the show’s newest episodes. He and his wife are wearing matching hot pink shirts as they reveal the first storage unit up for auction.

Buyer Darrell Sheets had a hot day buying up multiple units. He bought his first storage locker for $500 and purchased another for $800. But for the next unit, a bidding war ensued between Rene, Kenny, and Darrell. The bidding began at $250 for a locker full of baby toys and camping gear from what Darrell could see. The price skyrocketed to $2,350, but Darrell once again came out on top.

Fans will have to tune in later tonight to see if Darrell will make a profit or lose out on his auction purchases. Storage Wars returns tonight with two brand new episodes beginning at 9/8c on A&E.

‘Storage Wars’ Auctioneer Shares His Biggest Score From a Storage Unit Purchase

As the 14th season of Storage Wars debuted recently, Dan and Laura Dotson spoke with Monsters & Critics about the show and their life as auctioneers. In addition, they shared details about their life previous to the hit series airing on A&E.

The outlet asked the couple about their early days attending auctions as both buyers and auctioneers. The interviewer wanted to know each of their best purchases at a storage unit. Laura sweetly said that Dan was her best find at an auction, since that’s where they met years ago. However, Dan answered the question in a more direct way. He said his best storage locker purchase contained some very expensive, rare coins.

“Back in 1989, I acquired five coins from a $75 unit — 1883-O marks — which we sold for $26,000. They were between two pieces of glass separated by the old electrical metal tape. And a Sears catalog cover was all cut out and they were all put in there. They were just a beautiful set of coins. So, at the time we ran an auction house in Southern California that was just on a shoestring budget. I actually bought a unit and I scored, and that kept us in business there for over a decade. So, you really never know what you’re going to find,” Dan Dotson said.