‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Tributes ‘Greatest Generation’ on 80th Pearl Harbor Anniversary

by Matthew Memrick

It was a day to remember, and “Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson posted a tribute to the “Greatest Generation” on the 80th Pearl Harbor anniversary.

The master auctioneer posted a link to his Facebook account on Tuesday, saying, “we will never forget their sacrifice and service.”

One Facebook fan, Gary Holmes, commented on the post. He said, “visiting the site is humbling and haunting. Oil still leaks to the surface and the list of names at the end is heart-wrenching.” 

Holmes added, “God bless all who served.”

‘Storage Wars’ Couple Supportive of Military

Dotson and his wife, Laura Dotson, have shown their military support over the years. According to Looper, the couple hosted a US Navy benefit auction in August 2019 for the USS Zumwalt Destroyer.

In return, the couple got hats and coins along with a get-well gift for “Storage Wars” co-star Barry Weiss. Weiss was recovering from his motorcycle accident at the time.

Futhermore, Dan Dotson explained the event in a follow-up tweet. He said it was the “annual #anchorauction for the advancement to chiefs as a training tool for communication and teamwork.” 

The “Storage Wars” host said that the US Navy was “the only branch of military that host this type of event.” He also used the hashtag #itwasanhonor.

“Storage Wars” Star A Real Auctioneer

Many TV shows have actors playing roles they wouldn’t ordinarily play in real life.

However, this “Storage Wars” star is the real deal, according to a Distractify article on Tuesday.

Additionally, the man brought years of auctioneer experience to the show before it premiered. The Dotsons run their own business, American Auctioneers, outside the show with 300,000 auctions and appraisals yearly.

According to the article, Dan Dotson’s grandfather auctioned off cattle and farms in Arkansas’s Ozark Mountains back in the day. In Dotson’s bio at IMDb, Sam Fancher taught his 11-year-old grandson the auction ropes. 

Growing up, Dotson worked for the man for four summers outside of school. By 16, Dotson started skipping school and traveling to the Chino auction house in California. There, he sold furniture. 

In the 1980s and 1990s, Dotson ran a California auction house in Riverside that dealt in collectibles, pottery, porcelain, dolls, and furniture. By 1983, the man had American Auctioneers going, and it would become the first of many businesses he started.

Most importantly, Laura Payton met her future husband in 1996. Four years later, Laura became his wife. Together, their company does auctions for storage units, estates, business inventories, and equipment. In similar fashion, the couple also does legal/foreclosure auctions, fundraisers, and appraisals.  

According to IMDb, Dotson averages two auctions a day, six days a week.

We don’t know how Dan Dotson can do “Storage Wars” with that schedule, but he does. Recently, the couple took a break last week on their new Harley motorcycle.