‘Storage Wars’ Star Darrell Sheets Once Found Almost an Entire Art Collection

by Amy Myers

Whenever Storage Wars stars find artwork in their pre-owned storage units, they’re already seeing dollar signs. This is especially true if the previous owners stored the pieces carefully, complete with bubble wrap and packing peanuts. And that’s exactly what Darrell Sheets and his son, Brandon, found when they purchased a locker for a whopping $3,600.

Darrell already had a good idea that the locker was worth a boatload of money, but even he couldn’t predict the sheer volume of artwork hiding within the cardboard boxes. As the Storage Wars duo began unpacking the contents of their locker, they realized that they just purchased an entire collection of rare Frank Gutierrez paintings.

Born in 1906, Gutierrez was a famous Mexican impressionist and modern painter. Gutierrez only lived to be 39 years old, but he left behind a legacy of artwork that is still in high demand today. In 2016, one of his pieces, “Dos mujeres con frutas,” sold for a record price of $43,750 USD in New York.

Darrell and Brandon found at least a dozen of original Gutierrez paintings in their locker, so you can understand their excitement.

The next step for the Storage Wars stars was to take their collection to an expert who could verify the authenticity of the artwork and the artist’s signature, as well as give them an estimated value. And, thankfully, the paintings were, indeed, from Gutierrez. The expert estimated the collection’s worth at $300,000.

“This is my biggest hit ever,” Darrell said.

‘Storage Wars’ Couple Misses Out on Huge Win

Before the Storage Wars father-son duo unpacked their locker, there was another team that was getting ready to steal the unit right from under them. Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz entered the bidding, but it seemed that Brandi was more confident about its worth than Jarrod was.

Earlier in the episode, Brandi admitted that she was frustrated with Jarrod’s double standards when it comes to their budget. So, she decided to be the one to break the bank for once. Jarrod gave Brandi a limit of $3,000, but soon enough, Brandi showed her Storage Wars boyfriend that she was in charge.

As auctioneer Dan Dotson continued to call higher prices, Brandi kept raising her hand to keep them in the running, no matter how much Jarrod tried to stop her. Eventually, though, she backed out once Darrell offered his $3,600 that would purchase the storage space. But if she and Jarrod knew that there was a Gutierrez collection, they would have been willing to pay big money for the locker.

Thankfully for Darrell and Brandon, though, the Storage Wars couple decided not to take the gamble. And instead, the father and son walked away with a $296,400 profit.