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‘Storage Wars’ Star Laura Dotson Drops New Behind-Scenes Selfie: ‘Good Day for an Auction’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Storage Wars star Laura Dotson gave fans quite the behind-the-scenes look at an auction with a selfie. Along with a note, Dotson took a selfie highlighting the fact that auctions are happening daily.

The tweet said, “It’s a beautiful day for Auction!”

One fan replied to the tweet writing, “Keep up the amazing work Laura. Happy Wednesday !” Another wrote, “Watched my favorite show ☺”.

‘Storage Wars’ Advice for Auctions

Speaking of auctions. Who better to get some advice about heading to an auction than Dotsons themselves? The show has been a hit on A&E as hit has gotten 13 seasons as of this writing. The duo ought to know a thing or two about the bidding process and what to do when you just may find yourself in a bidding war, similar to a storage war, so it might be wise to hear what they have to say.

Dan told Monsters and Critics recently, “I would say that instead of just rushing right out with your hard-earned money and buying the first thing you see, I would look at several units. I would try to guess what I think they are going to bring and then I would follow those units and see what they ended up bringing in money-wise.”

Dan offers prospective bidders the insight into taking it slow. In his view, there is no reason to jump out of the game bidding and looking to spend a lot of money right quick. He wants you to do your homework and look around at other storage units, or whatever you’re into, and get a feel for how much money is realistic depending on the scenario.

Budgeting Advice for ‘Storage Wars’

Bidding wars are a tough gambit, and with their success on Storage Wars, Dan may know a thing or two about what he is talking about. As the interview continues, Dan points out that it’s important for folks to get comfortable with failure. The only way to gain experience is to try and keep at it. One cannot eliminate risk from this game, so the only way to minimize risk in his estimation is the tried and true trial-and-error method.

Budgeting, he also points out, is incredibly important to auctions. Not just budgeting any ole’ way, though, it is paramount to over-plan for costs that you might not expect to accrue. As he sees it, surprise costs will pop up, so it would be wise to plan for that being the case.