‘Storage Wars’ Star Laura Dotson Tells How She Felt ‘Destined’ to Do the Show

by Courtney Blackann

The “Storage Wars” stars know how to clean out a unit. They’ve been honing their skills for a lot longer than the show has been airing. Laura Dotson knows all too well what it takes to hunt some good treasures in the bleakest of storage units. She spoke about feeling compelled to be a part of the show.

In an interview with Monsters & Critics, the TV personality opened up about why she felt the need to participate in “Storage Wars.”

“Well, after we pitched it to the network, I was on the telephone at an auction and they were hearing me say, ‘Stay out of the unit! Don’t touch that unit!’  And they go, ‘What’s going on?’  And I’m talking to the executives and they’re like, ‘Tell us what’s happening?,” she says.

She goes on to add:

“We want to follow along at an auction with you.’ So I told the crowd ‘I am on the telephone here, but I am still doing my job.’ And the network folks hear all the back and forth and ask, ‘Is, this what happens all the time? I responded, ‘Oh yeah, it’s like do or die out here.’ They wanted to make sure they’re the ones getting the unit they want. And nobody wants to think that I’m on the phone taking proxy bids or doing anything wrong.”

‘Storage Wars’ Keeps People Interested

Further, Dotson says she knew just by doing what she loved, it would turn into a fun, reality show about cleaning out storage units.

“So, I let the crowd know, ‘We’re going to have a reality show someday,’ and I truly believed it was going to happen. I even professed out there, “’I think we’re going to have five million viewers.’ And all of that happened. I believe this is what we were destined to do.”

The A&E series is now in its 13th season as Laura and her husband, Don Dotson, continue their work. Additionally, the longtime favorites Brandi Passante, Darrell Sheets, Rene and Casey Nezhoda, Ivy Calvin, and Kenny Crossley will also be returning for the new season.

After a long break, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the auctioneers are eager to get back to it. For Dotson, it’s still just as exciting as it’s always been.

After many years, the show still draws in fans weekly. It’s something that’s always new and fun. In addition, people get the chance to learn – which makes it educational as well as interesting. Dotson believes fan have the urge to tune in to follow the treasure-hunters lives.

“Everybody has the urge to tune in each week because you know the next week is going to be continuing on with someone’s life,” Dotson said.