‘Storage Wars’ Star Laura Dotson Wishes ‘Blessings’ on Her Fans With Incredible Sunrise Over the Mountains Pic

by Joe Rutland

There’s nothing like being witness to a beautiful sunrise and “Storage Wars” star Laura Dotson made sure she caught it on Sunday.

Laura Dotson and her husband, Dan Dotson, have been part of “Storage Wars” for a number of seasons.

They have a home in the mountains, which not only provides them with great views but even interesting animal interactions.

Well, let’s take a look at what Laura Dotson shared with the world on Twitter.

What an awesome photo. The Dotsons live out in California and have shared photos and videos from a home in the mountains.

“Storage Wars” had been off A&E for a couple of years, but the show came back for a 13th season in April 2021.

Others appearing on the show this season include Darrell Sheets, Jarrod Schulz, Brandi Passante, Ivy Calvin, Rene Nezholda, and Casey Lloyd.

The gist of the show features storage lockers being emptied after rent is missed for three months. In California, those contents can go up for auction at a cash-only event.

‘Storage Wars’ Dan Dotson Happened To Film Big-Time Buck In His Driveway

As we mentioned, Outsiders, there can be some interesting animal interactions between Dan Dotson and them.

Now Dan was simply driving on his driveway when came upon that monster buck. Take a look at what he shared on Twitter right here.

What happened to that buck? Well, we can guess that he chose to go down that hill. He also could have been less than thrilled that someone disturbed him.

Well, the “Storage Wars” star took the video and let others see what he saw.

Apparently, Dan has some type of attraction factor within his DNA. We now turn our attention to a bear.

Yes, sir, a wayward bear saddled up to his home in June 2021. Who knows? The bear was doing his business, looking for food, and might have just gotten lost.

It’s at night and he might have just needed some food.

So, as Animal Night continues, catch that interesting look at Dotson’s video right here.

Dan Almost Lost His Finger When Trying To Separate Dogs From Fighting

One more story involving Dan Dotson and animals. This time, those animals are his two bulldogs, Louis and Jax.

They were in the midst of fighting and had their jaws working.

But Dan wanted to separate them and then when he did, well, a dog’s teeth caught his left ring finger.

He posted a video, which is graphic, right here. That finger almost got severed.

His other dog, Rambo, a Mastiff, stopped the shenanigans. How did he do?

Dotson said the dog did great, “clamping and pinning the aggressor like T-Rex to the floor.”