‘Storage Wars’ Star Rene Nezhoda Shows Off New Finds From $2,000 Storage Unit

by Amy Myers

Storage Wars stars Rene and Casey Nezhoda have taken their bidding business off the show to find some hidden treasures of their own. Yesterday, the couple purchased a storage unit for $2,000, and now, they’re unpacking all of the boxes, totes and lockers inside.

On Instagram, the Storage Wars star teased a video of their new purchase, showing off a small safe that seemed to jingle when they shook it. Perhaps it had more than just paperwork inside. Also joining them was Rene and Casey’s daughter, Tatiana, who isn’t typically a frequent member of the Storage Wars cast. This time, though, she had to see what her parents had gotten themselves into.

“We spend $2000 on this storage unit and also found a safe #storagewars reselling #makingmoney,” Rene announced. He also told fans that the family would be releasing the full video of their exploits on Friday on YouTube.

Following the initial post, the Storage Wars family posted plenty of reels on Facebook that gave even more sneak previews of what they found inside their $2,000 storage unit. And a couple of the clips made it seem like the payoff would be very rewarding. From designer shoes to perhaps priceless artwork, the Nezhodas had a lot to work with from their purchase.

‘Storage Wars’ Stars May Have Hit the Motherlode

In one video, Rene and Casey revealed that there were four Louis Vuitton shoeboxes hiding in a larger cardboard box that also had more than a few shoehorns. They had yet to open any of the shoeboxes, but judging by the condition of the shoeboxes and the surrounding shoehorns, there was a good chance that there were four pairs of expensive shoes waiting for them to open. Whether or not they end up selling them will depend on if they fit Casey or Tatiana.

Along with the shoeboxes, the Storage Wars family revealed that they had also found a couple of iPhones and a headset.

Rene also asked his fans for help in another reel he posted on Facebook. Within the same storage space, the Storage Wars family found an oil painting that looked to be in pristine condition. Rene encouraged any art fanatics that follow his family to reach out if they knew who the artist was. At the bottom of the painting was the name “Matti” signed in 2008.

The painting itself was full of vibrant reds, blues and pinks, and there seemed to be three people as the subject, perhaps a family of three. The style was certainly some sort of contemporary. Hopefully, somewhere within the Storage Wars star’s fanbase, there was an art aficionado that could save the Nezhoda family from a trip to the museum for identification.