‘Storage Wars’: Why Laura Dotson Believes Fans Have ‘Urge to Tune in Each Week’

by Matthew Memrick

Each week, “Storage Wars” star Laura Dotson thinks fans have an “urge to tune in each week” to see what happens in a modern-day treasure hunt.

The auctioneeress told Monsters and Critics that the show’s larger-than-life characters always have exciting finds and stories once the metal door raises. Fans love the funny, inviting show atmosphere.

“Everybody has the urge to tune in each week because you know the next week is going to be continuing on with someone’s life,” Dotson said.

Laura Dotson said the show’s unexpectedness often helps fans imagine themselves as a buyer in a crowded hallway while barking out bids. 

Yes, ultimately, the show is about people buying other people’s junk. But you know what they say. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?

Weiss Quite A Character

Barry Weiss caught on with early fans in the “Storage Wars” show, and now the man’s back. He brought some class and humor to the show.

In his return for season 14, Weiss caught some attention when he pulled into the most-recent storage site with a vintage black 1939 Lincoln Zephyr. The car provided some mystery, and when Weiss stepped out, the cast showed their shock at “The Collector’s” return.

Weiss took the first storage unit auction on a $300 bid. But that win turned into a dud as he guessed the items in it were likely worth just $100. But three vintage-looking watches caught the man’s eye, and luckily, they redeemed the storage unit’s high bid.

The first two appraised watches came in at $250, but the final iconic Chevy watch shocked Weiss and viewers. The appraiser valued that timepiece at $1,500. In total, the unit yielded $1,503 for the savvy buyer. Not a bad first day back for “The Collector.” 

‘Storage Wars’ Spinoffs

Since “Storage Wars” began in 2010, there have been multiple spinoffs in different locals over the world. Producers started shows in Texas, New York, and Miami before going worldwide with additional shows in Canada and France. A few characters from the initial show ended up with their own short-lived gigs – notably, Barry Weiss, Brandi Passante, and Jarrod Schultz.

Weiss even came back to the original series in the latest season after an eight-year absence. The fan-favorite, who appeared in four show seasons and his spinoff, recovered from a severe motorcycle accident in 2019. Weiss suffered significant injuries and needed femur and back surgery as a result. 

Also, Brandi Passante was back with the show in the new season and is off to a great start, according to Newsweek. She returns as a solo bidder in light of domestic violence allegations against her ex-husband Jarrod Schultz. Fans liked the couple early in the show’s seasons, but now the two have cut each other off.