‘1883’s LaMonica Garrett Reveals What He and ‘Terminal List’ Costar Chris Pratt Bonded Over

by Samantha Whidden

A couple of months after the release of his TV series Terminal List, LaMonica Garrett opens up about what he and Chris Pratt bonded over while on set.

During a recent interview with Looper, LaMonica Garrett spoke about how he and his The Terminal List co-star bonded over UFC fights. “Chris is great,” Garrett declared. “He was a wrestler in high school, and we both love UFC fights. Me and him were behind the scenes talking about fighting. Then, we had a scene later on in the season where [we] got to fight — ‘roll around,’ as they would say in jiu-jitsu. After filming, leading up to the release of [the show], we got to go to an actual UFC fight and sit ringside, which was fun.

When asked what it was like to work with the Guardians of the Galaxy star, LaMonica Garrett declared, “Chris is a great dude to work with. He brings great energy and great enthusiasm from day one to the last day of filming, and it’s always great to work with people like that.” 

LaMonica Garrett Opens Up About Working on ‘Sons of Anarchy’ & ‘Arrow’ 

Meanwhile, LaMonica Garrett discussed his other key acting roles over the years. This includes his work on Sons of Anarchy and Arrow. 

“SOA was a lot of leading men from films that came and did television,” LaMonica Garrett recalled. “It was early in my career – one of my first big jobs – and it was amazing watching how people like Jimmy Smits and Rockmond Dunbar and Charlie Hunnam and Kim Coates and Tommy Flanagan all prepared [and] all came together to do scenes. That was Acting 101 for me, and it set the tone for the rest of my career.”

Also speaking about his involvement in the “Arrowverse,” LaMonica Garrett said his role as Monitor/Anti-Monitor was a dream come true. “I’m a comic book nerd,” Garrett admitted. “So I was geeking out at the scripts more so than the average actors on there. I was like, ‘Oh, wow,’ bringing up old references in comic books from the ‘90s, and some of the actors were like, ‘I have no idea what you’re [talking about].’ I was the nerd on the show.” 

LaMonica Garret went on to share that the experience was fun for him on and off the set. “And to meet Marv Wolfman – the guy who created the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor – at one of the comic cons.” 

The experience was so great for him that LaMonica Garrett said he would have done that role for free. “It was the type of job you’d tell your manager, ‘I do this job for free.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, don’t mention that. Don’t say that out loud.’ But that was one of those jobs.”