Amazon Mistakenly Uses Wrong Band’s Picture on Mötley Crüe Documentary

by Craig Garrett

Streaming service Amazon Prime pulled a major gaffe involving the legendary 80s heavy metal act Mötley Crüe. On the Amazon Prime Video page for a Mötley Crüe documentary, the thumbnail picture is of the incorrect band. Steel Panther, a comedic band that is well known for paying tribute to the Mötley Crüe glam metal era, is shown in this photo. It’s unclear how long the mistaken photo has been there, but it still appears as of Monday night.

Michael Starr of Steel Panther knows all about the mistake. On Sunday, he posted a clip from a fan who had noticed the error on his official Instagram. Starr made no remarks in his post, but it was widely appreciated by his followers.” Well I always wondered what Mötley Panther would look like and now I know,” one fan quipped.

The documentary film is called Rock ‘n Roll Icon: Mötley Crüe. It debuted in 2020. There are only two ways to watch it right now: with a Docurama membership or by purchasing the film on Prime Video. Many fans noticed a weird detail. A real photograph of Mötley Crüe seems to be under the thumbnail. The face of Vince Neil is plainly visible.

Mötley Crüe’s current tour has had some controversies

The actual Mötley Crüe is on the Stadium Tour with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Some fans have been critical of Neil’s performance throughout the run, which has caused some debate. David Dairman, the singer for the band Disturbed, recently came to Neil’s defense. He took those making fun of Neil to task. “Proud of [Neil]. Videos I’ve seen of the stadium tour have been great,” Dairman wrote on July 17. “Sounding good, looking healthy. Good for you brother. Keep knocking ’em dead.”

Neil isn’t the only one in Mötley Crüe whose performance is attracting attention. Footage from the band’s July 19 performance in Kansas City appears to show drummer Tommy Lee missing the count-in for “Looks That Kill.” According to Loudwire, the song sounds like it may be accompanied by a backing track. The video shows Lee fumbling to get behind his drum kit as “Looks That Kill” begins. Lee begins his cymbal count-in while he still hasn’t picked up his drum sticks. In addition, Tommy Lee is the only band member to miss any dates so far. He claimed it was due to injury.

The band’s four founders, including Neil, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, and Lee, are all on hand for the tour. On Friday and Saturday, they have a two-night stand at Fenway Park in Boston. The tour concludes on September 9th at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.