Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Reacher’ Filming to Begin This Fall: Here’s Which Lee Child Book It Will Be Based On

by Shelby Scott

We’ve waited all winter for spring weather and sunny days. Sadly though, the new season often means many of our favorite shows and franchises are approaching their final episodes before heading out on hiatus for summer. However, for the most part, we’ve received lots of good news lately. In the realm of network television, all three of Dick Wolf’s major franchises have been renewed for another season. Additionally, “Yellowstone” fans can officially mark their calendars with the season five premiere date this November. And now, fans of Amazon Prime’s “Reacher,” can rest assured knowing season two has been approved. In addition, we now know which book the second season will be based on, thanks to series star Alan Ritchson.

Season one of Amazon Prime’s “Reacher” was based on the Lee Child novel, Killing Floor. It was then we were introduced to Jack Reacher, a veteran military police investigator adapting back to a civilian lifestyle. Now, per Ritchson’s latest tweet, “Reacher” season two will be based on Child’s novel, Bad Luck and Trouble. Check out the post below.

The Jack Reacher actor kicked off the announcement with a quote directly from the novel, which happens to be the 11th in the author’s series.

“O’Donnell put his hand in his pocket and came out with his brass knuckles. Ceramic knuckles, technically.”

Alan Ritchson also shared with fans of the Amazon Prime series that “Reacher” would begin filming this fall. So while we might have a while to wait until season two premieres on the streaming platform, we at least have some knowledge of what to expect.

When Will ‘Reacher’ Season 2 Premiere on Amazon Prime?

Okay, “Reacher” fans so we know season two will begin filming very soon, and we also know the general plot of the show’s second installment. But when exactly might we expect to see the all-new season drop on Amazon Prime?

Well, unfortunately, TVLine states we shouldn’t expect the new season before the calendar year concludes. One of the outlet’s writers, Matt Webb Mitovich, claims, “The smart money says by early 2023.”

Thinking back to season one, this estimation makes sense, whether we like it or not. The production-versus-premiere schedule for the series’ first season stretched across more than two years. “Reacher” season one was first announced in fall 2020. However, it did not premiere on the streaming platform until February of this year.

Nevertheless, Bad Luck and Trouble seems to be one of Lee Child’s most popular books based on the comments following Ritchson’s above post. So, if the series’ writers maintain the same dynamism and dedication to the author’s books as we saw in season one, then we can expect just as much success for season two.