‘America the Beautiful’: Nature Docuseries Narrated by Michael B. Jordan Launches on Disney+

by Leanne Stahulak

In honor of the Fourth of July, Disney+ launched a brand new docuseries called “America the Beautiful,” narrated by actor Michael B. Jordan.

Per TV Insider, you can now watch all six episodes of “America the Beautiful” on the streaming service. They range from 46-49 minutes long and showcase the gorgeous wildlife found in North America. The first episode, “Land of Heroes,” and finale, “Brave New World,” focus on specific themes, per Decider. The other four, “Waterland,” “Northland,” “Wild West,” and “Heartland,” focus on more geographical regions.

“Land of Heroes” showcases various animals that have to fight through various obstacles to survive. Some of these obstacles occur in nature while others are man-made. But the Disney+ docuseries breaks down this vast ecosystem into individual conflicts that make us root and care for these creatures.

The finale, “Brave New World,” highlights human efforts of conservation and preservation. It still showcases North America’s nature, but specifically focuses on endangered environments and species, per Decider.

Overall, the outlet recommends streaming the Disney+ docuseries. Although the show can lose its focus at times, the beautiful cinematography more than makes up for it. If you decide to watch “America the Beautiful,” at the least you’ll see some gorgeous footage of North America’s natural beauty and inhabitants.

As Michael B. Jordan says in the opening line, “Welcome to North America, the most diverse continent on earth.”

Fans Slam Disney+ For Leaving Out Key Characters in ‘The Santa Clause’ Reboot Show

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? Disney+ doesn’t think so, as they recently released promotional images for their brand new series, “The Santa Clause.”

Tim Allen fans will remember this Christmas classic from the 1990s. Allen starred in three movies overall for ‘The Santa Clause’ franchise, bringing life and comedic joy to the role. Now, he’s returning to it nearly 20 years later for a Disney+ reboot series.

But after sharing the first promotional image of the show, Disney received some backlash from fans. Mainly because a few key characters seemed to be missing.

If you look at the image below, you’ll recognize Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell, who played Carol in the second and third films. But the actor who plays Scott Calvin’s son, Charlie, has been replaced. And the famous elf, Bernard (David Krumholtz) is missing entirely.

One fan tweeted, “I need Charlie and Bernard, even in cameos. It’s not ‘The Santa Clause’ franchise without them.”

Another fan pointed out, however, that Bernard didn’t appear in the third film. And that the film indicated that Bernard the elf had died, with Curtis (Spencer Breslin) taking over his duties. Though Curtis also does not appear in the promotional image for the new “The Santa Clause.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the Tim Allen-led Disey+ show.