Disney+ Crashes for Millions of Users Around the World

by Taylor Cunningham

If you’re having issues with Disney+, you’re having the same problem as millions of people around the globe. According to DownDetector, the streamer has been struggling since 16:56 BST.

As of yet, there is no reason behind the outage. But hundreds of people have reported their frustration on the website. According to the reports, 76% of people are having trouble with Disney +’s site as a whole and 18% can’t get the video streaming to work.

However, if you’re mid-way through an episode that you can’t wait to finish, you’re in luck. The technical issues are only affecting the website. The mobile and TV apps are working as usual. So, switching platforms will do the trick.

Disney + Subscribers Vent Frustrations on Social Media

With subscribers’ plans crushed, many of them have taken their frustration to Twitter in hopes that the streamer will fix the problems immediately or ask if anyone else is getting an error screen.

“GUYS IS DISNEY PLUS DOWN IM HAVING A CRISIS IN HERE,” one fan wrote. “hello is disney+ down rn????” another blasted.

And a list of other people tweeted that when they try to log in to the service, they just get a “403 forbidden” screen. And Koen Kist from the Phoenix Star jumped on to let everyone know there is a workaround to the outage.

“Okay, it appears as if the Disney Plus website is down for the time being,” he wrote. “But there’s an app available for Windows that you can download from the Microsoft store, which seems to work perfectly. So I recommend you use that if you are subscribed to [Disney] Plus.”

The Technical Team is Working to Get the Service Back Online

Luckily, the tech team is well aware of the problems. Close to 1,000 people have headed to DownDetector to log their issues so far. And among the many disgruntled comments on the site is one by a company rep. In it, he assured everyone that they will be able to watch their favorite Marvel, Disney, or Discovery Channel series shortly.

“Thank you, everyone, for your patience,” he wrote. “I am a Disney plus representative. It does appear that the services are down, may depend on your location. But we are aware and currently working on it.”

So make sure you continue to refresh your browser or switch over to your phone or app while Disney plus works to get its service back online.

This is a developing story.