‘Elvis’: Here’s When the Biopic Hits Streaming

by Suzanne Halliburton

Have you been waiting for the Elvis movie to hit streaming services so you could watch the King’s biopic in the comfort of your own living room couch?

We’ve got some good news for you. Starting Tuesday, Elvis hits several digital platforms. But it’ll still cost you to watch it.

For $24.99, you can buy the movie. Or, you can pay $19.99 for a 48-hour rental. The movie will be available on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube and Vudu. Check back Sept. 13 and you can get the movie via 4K, Blu-ray and DVD.

However, it’s not coming to HBO Max anytime soon. That’s according to IndieWire. Elvis director Baz Luhrmann has told reporters that the movie will appear on HBO Max sometime this fall. Post-pandemic, most studios have Warner placed their movies on streaming services, including HBO Max, 45 days after release. But Elvis is the first movie not to follow the plan.

The movie stars Austin Butler as Elvis and Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker. And Luhrmann tells the story of one of the world’s best-known entertainers through the relationship the singer had with Parker. It’s still featured in 2,400 theaters, with the movie grossing more than $250 million worldwide. With $136 million made at the domestic box office, Elvis, which premiered June 24, ranks 10th overall for 2022.

The movie ranks second only to Bohemian Rhapsody, all-time, among musical biopics. Bohemian Rhapsody told the story of Freddie Mercury and Queen. That film grossed $887 million, worldwide.

Austin Butler, Olivia DeJonge and Tom Hanks attend the Elvis premiere in London earlier this summer. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for Warner Bros.)

Meanwhile, critics and fans love the movie, with Butler even receiving some early Oscar buzz for playing the King in such an authentic way. Yes, Butler does his own singing. Tom Hanks told reporters that Butler  “found some deep, molecular connection to Elvis, and Baz saw that.”

Hanks added: “I have to say, you could not take your eyes off of Austin Butler,” the Tom Parker actor added. “He did not phone in a thing, did not fake a thing, he undeniably went there; the dedication that he gave to [the role] was impressive right off the bat.”

Lisa Marie Presley was so impressed with Butler’s performance that she tweeted about his Oscar chances. Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie both gave their approval of the movie.

“In my humble opinion, his performance is unprecedented and FINALLY done accurately and respectfully, ” Lisa Marie posted on Twitter. She added “if he doesn’t get an Oscar for this, I will eat my own foot, haha.”

So check your streaming devices starting Tuesday to catch a glimpse of the King.