Everything We Know About Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Netflix Series

by Emily Morgan

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for being an actor, governor, and bodybuilder, will now add TV star to his incredible resume. The icon is getting ready to star in his first series on Netflix.

For over 50 years, the Austrian has dominated the entertainment industry with blockbuster films such as The Terminator and Conan the Barbarian. Now, the herculean hero is switching gears as he gets ready to star in his new series, “Utap,” also referred to as “FUBAR.” This will mark his debut entrance into a significant TV role on the streaming platform. 

Although this will be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first time in a series, his role is based on his past performance. The series, described as a “global spy adventure,” is based on his 1994 film, True Lies. The action/comedy film starred Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Bill Paxton, Art Malik, and Tia Carrere. 

While we’re still waiting for an official trailer, we know that the plot follows a father and daughter who have been working as CIA Operatives. For years, they’ve been able to keep that part of their lives secret from each other, but now that seems to be crumbling. 

After learning of each other’s involvement in the agency, the duo is forced to work together as partners. While dealing with explosive action and espionage, the pair eventually learn who they really are and ultimately become closer. 

Currently, Arnold Schwarzenegger and actress Monica Barbaro are the only ones listed as the two cast members. The pair will portray the father and daughter duo. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger begins TV career at 74 in ‘Utap’

Arnold Schwarzenegger will star as Luke Brunner, who is a loveable, yet cranky individual. While delivering a speech at The Arnold Sports Festival, he mentioned he’d be traveling to Vancouver to film the series. “I’m always interested in doing different things,” the 74-year-old said about not slowing down. 

As for actress Barbaro, she’s currently soaring to new heights in her career following her role in Top Gun: Maverick alongside Tom Cruise. You’ll also see her as Cora Vasquez in the Netflix series “The Good Cop.”

She’s also set to star in the upcoming animated prequel Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

As for “Utap,” creator Nick Santora will act as the executive producer and writer on the 8-episode series. He’s best known for working on popular shows such as “Scorpion,” “Breakout Kings,” “Lie to Me,” and “Prison Break.” Simultaneously, Santora is also working on the biopic Dog Gone featuring Rob Lowe.

According to production listings, shooting will occur in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with filming set to run through the summer. According to reports, the project had a lot of competition, but Netflix eventually won. 

The acquisition of “Utap” will also extend Netflix’s and Skydance’s partnership. In 2020, the studio collaborated with the streaming site on The Old Guard and 6 Underground.