George Lopez Sues Pandora Over His Comedy Specials

by Chris Piner

Although known for his own hit ABC sitcom, George Lopez’s stardom extends far beyond televisions and the silver screen. In 2005, Time magazine listed Lopez as one of the Top 25 Hispanics in America. Other accolades awarded to the comedian include the 2003 Latino Spirit Award and the National Hispanic Media Coalition Impact Award. With almost 40 years in the entertainment business and a well-known name in Hollywood, it appears that the comedian is criticizing the streaming service, Pandora, for streaming two of his comedy specials without proper licensing. 

In 2001, George Lopez released his hit Right Now Right Now only to follow it up two years later with Team Leader. Both landing the comedian a great deal of publicity and stardom, Lopez claims Pandora is streaming around 37 pieces of his work that make up the two stand-up specials. Without gaining permission from the comedian, Lopez accused them of stealing from him. 

According to George Lopez’s attorney, “Pandora not only did not obtain any license for the Works but admitted that it did not do so in SEC filings, and admitted that it would very likely face copyright infringement liability as a result. But Pandora did what most goliaths do: it decided it would infringe now to ensure it had this very valuable intellectual property on its platform to remain competitive, and deal with the consequences later. Later is now.”

Besides looking to be compensated for his work, George Lopez is also seeking $5.5 million for infringements. So far, Pandora hasn’t made a comment on the matter. 

George Lopez Set To Star Alongside His Daughter In New Sitcom

As for his career in Hollywood, George Lopez is set to star in a new sitcom for the NBC streaming site Peacock with his daughter Mayan. Called Lopez vs. Lopez, Mayan discussed working with her father and her own comedic timing. “I inherited wonderful gifts from my dad, but I had to train and hone them. The biggest life lesson he taught me was to try to be the best comedian I can be.”

Using the COVID-19 pandemic to their advantage, Mayan added the time allowed her to get close to her father George Lopez. “We really became a family again. It’s so crazy to think that really two years ago, we weren’t really speaking regularly, if at all. With the show, I’m having similar conversations, hard conversations that I’ve had with him or struggled to have with him — and now we’re doing it on TV for millions of people to see. But what’s so wonderful is that both of us have been through a lot of pain, but the love has always brought us together.”

While hoping for success for the show, George Lopez concluded, “My dream collaboration with Mayan is to spend the rest of my life around her.”