‘Golden Girls’ Icon Betty White Stars in Creature Feature Streaming on HBO Max

by Caitlin Berard

Though Betty White was best known for her role as “terminally naive” Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls, the First Lady of Television has more than 120 acting credits to her name, including everything from classic TV to professional wrestling. And among Betty White’s many roles was a part in the 1999 creature feature Lake Placid, a mid-budget horror film currently experiencing a resurgence on the streaming service HBO Max.

Betty White plays the villainous, foul-mouthed Mrs. Delores Bickerman, who cares for the crocodiles of the fictional Black Lake. Now, caring for a scaly yet lovable 32-foot long reptile? That’s right up Betty White’s alley. The actress had a great love of animals of all shapes and sizes (even cockroaches).

The twist, however, is that Mrs. Bickerman is well aware that the crocodiles of the Black Lake regularly eat its visitors, one of whom was her husband. Though Bill Pullman technically has the lead role in the film, it’s Betty White who truly steals the show. After all, where else can you hear the sunny, adorable Betty White utter a line like, “If I had a d-ck, this is where I’d tell you to suck it”?

Though the film is approaching its 25th anniversary, it remains popular among horror enthusiasts to this day. Betty White’s Lake Placid is currently among HBO Max’s top 10 most-watched moves in twenty different countries, according to FlixPatrol.

Lake Placid is a must-watch for any fan of Betty White, black comedy, or horror. Don’t worry about adding the five sequels to your watchlist, though, unless you really enjoy aggressively cheesy straight to TV movies.

‘Golden Girls’ Star Betty White Refers to Hissing Cockroach as a ‘Sweetheart’

Golden Girls star Betty White never met an animal she didn’t like. And though the 32-foot crocodile in Lake Placid was a magnificent creation of a film studio, the hissing cockroaches the actress once handled were very much real.

In a situation from which most would (understandably) run screaming, Betty White was completely unfazed. Even their handler admitted fear of the creepy-crawly creatures. “You know, I was scared of these guys when I first started,” she explained. “I didn’t hold them until the spring. I’m from Texas, so our bugs are really big like this too. They fly at you in Texas so it’s a little scary down in the south.”

The beloved actress remained unperturbed while the cockroach handler explained the difference between males and females, White gently cradling the 2-inch insect in her hands. “Well I’ll know how to tell the boys from the girls on the next cockroach I own,” Betty White said before softly adding, “Hi, sweetheart,” to the cockroach crawling through her fingers.