HBO Reveals Expected Premiere Date for ‘Perry Mason’ Season 2

by Shelby Scott

Autumn’s arrival means that some of our favorite primetime network and streaming dramas are returning for all-new seasons and installments. That includes everything from NCIS and Blue Bloods on CBS to One Chicago on NBC to Yellowstone on Paramount Plus. However, while many of our favorite TV shows are returning in a couple of weeks, others aren’t premiering new seasons for a couple more months. One of those late arrivals includes HBO’s Perry Mason. Unfortunately, the HBO series does not premiere its second season for a few more months. That said, we do have new information regarding its debut date.

Per a post from the streaming platform, HBO won’t debut the next new season of Perry Mason until next year. As far as specifics go, that’s all we have. However, providing their own estimates, CarterMatt believes the next new season should arrive relatively early in the year. So, we still have to wait until 2023 to see what comes next. But it shouldn’t be too much longer past the new year.

Aside from a premiere date, has HBO released any new details regarding what to expect next season? Unfortunately, we can only answer that question with a hard no as well. You can check out the clip of all of HBO’s upcoming shows and seasons, however, when it comes to Perry Mason‘s second season, the feature is so short that you may need to pause it to take in the full frame. Check it out below.

HBO Catches Major Flack From Subscribers

HBO has a host of new shows and seasons to look forward to over the next few months. However, just because the streamer is providing users with all new pictures doesn’t exactly mean they’re doing it well. Following a string of recent blunders and what appear to be poor decisions, subscribers have blasted the company for multiple reasons.

Earlier this week, HBO decided to purge its platform of more than 200 episodes of the beloved kids’ show, Sesame Street. The streamer’s massive purge came after announcing its merger with Discovery+.

HBO originally signed a deal with Sesame Street five years ago. Upon closing that deal, the streamer had hoped to pull major audiences. However, reportedly, Sesame Street was dropped from HBO as it wasn’t pulling nearly as many viewers as the company had hoped. Parents, as a result, are not happy.

Explaining why the loss of Sesame Street is such a hit, one wrote, “WBD is removing a lot of the stuff they own, stuff that was made specifically for HBOMax. When WB/HBO acquired the first-run distribution of Sesame Street over PBS (who then got rerun rights) the argument was that an important institution like Sesame Street was safer at HBO.”

Other users have criticized the company after the platform crashed during the House of the Dragon premiere, the prequel to the massively successful series, Game of Thrones.