Hit Movie ‘Senior Year’ Jumps Straight Into Netflix’s No. 1 Spot

by Emily Morgan

Look out, “Ozark,” it seems there’s a new kid in class. Netflix’s latest original film, Senior Year, has officially claimed the No. 1 spot on the popular streaming site. 

The comedy stars Pitch Perfect alum Rebel Wilson, who plays a woman in her late 30s. Her world gets flipped upside down when she finds herself back in high school after she wakes up from a 20-year coma. Although the film has gotten lukewarm reviews from critics, Netflix users can’t stop raving about the film. 

After its release on Friday, Senior Year quickly climbed to the top spot on Netflix’s Top 10 ranking. It now ranks No. 1 with other Netflix originals such as Our Father, Operation Mincemeat, The Perfect Family, and Marmaduke trailing behind. 

Wilson plays Stephanie Conway, who injured herself in a cheerleading accident in 2000 and finds herself in a coma. After spending two decades unconscious, she suddenly wakes up in 2022 and decides to go back to high school to get her diploma. Tiffany, the girl responsible for the accident 20 years ago, is now married to Blaine, whom Stephanie had a crush on when she was in school for the first time. 

Fans can’t get enough of ‘Senior Year,’ critics say otherwise

Beyond Wilson, Senior Year also stars Sam Richardson, Zoe Chao, Mary Holland, and Justin Hartley. Alicia Silverstone, who became a household name for her role in Clueless, also appears. 

Alex Hardcastle directed the film. He’s also been behind successful projects such as “New Girl,” “Grace & Frankie,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” Andrew Knauer, Arthur Piello, and Brandon Scott Jones wrote the script for Senior Year. 

Senior Year also marks Wilson’s first movie role since she starred in Cats and Jojo Rabbit in 2019.

Despite its reign on the Netflix Top 10, the movie has had mixed reviews from critics. Currently, it has a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Although some described the project as predictable, Wilson has garnered praise for her acting.  

In his review, the Chicago Sun-Times reporter Richard Roeper recommended audiences watch Wilson’s 2019 rom-com Isn’t It Romantic in its place. additionally, he described Wilson’s new flick as “a terribly unfunny, flatly executed and cheesy alleged comedy.”

While the reviews keep rolling in for Senior Year, Wilson is already onto her next project. She’s set to make her drama debut in The Almond and The Seahorse. It surrounds an archaeologist and architect who must reconcile their future after a traumatic brain injury keeps them from being with their loved ones. 

Production began last year in Liverpool and North Wales, according to Deadline. Tom Stern is in the director’s chair, and Celyn Jones Jones co-wrote the script with Katie O’Reilly. The independent drama is also based on a stage play by O’Reilly of the same name.