‘Prey:’ How the Hit Hulu Film Created the Perfect Monster

by Tia Bailey

Hulu’s new movie “Prey” has been a huge hit with audiences. The “Predator” prequel even broke Hulu streaming records. The designer of the creature in the film shared how it was created.

“Prey” was released onto the streaming service on August 5, and it already has a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The sci-fi action film serves as a prequel to “The Predator” franchise.  Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr., who worked on the original “Predator” film, co-created the alien in the Hulu film.

“Some of our earliest conversations with Dan were about making this Predator super slim with some kind of weird camouflage and different from the reptilian thing we’ve seen before,” Woodruff Jr. said to Yahoo! News. “This one’s head wasn’t huge, the dreadlocks became thinner, and we were trying to mimic the feel of the warriors in their long hair. When we started working on the Predator’s instruments, we had some designs come through that looked a little more homemade. The idea was that the Predator also had primitive weapons that evolved.”

The Predator is part CGI part costume. The actor is Dane DiLiegro.

Gillis shared that the team began with about 20 different prototypes. Director Dan Trachtenberg narrowed it down to five, and then they began working on the alien fans saw in the film.

“Prey” Creators Share How Alien Came to Be

“We threw a leotard on my son because he’s super skinny,” Woodruff Jr. explained. “It had all this detailed Predator skin stuff printed on it, and right next to him was Dane wearing his mock-up pieces.”

According to Yahoo! News, “That was when the duo and Trachtenberg realized the Predator was as much about Dane’s mentality and movement as it was design.”

Gillis said that the team used six character suits and four heads for the Predator.

“You trash them as you go through production, not only due to human sweat but because some scenes are so physical. We would start with a suit, wear it down, and then move it to stunt suit status. You barely make it across the finish line with one presentable suit,” Gillis said.

The film is the first of the franchise to not be released in theaters. Many audiences voiced how they thought this move was a mistake because of the success it had on Hulu. They hadn’t released it in theaters due to the last film, 2018’s “The Predator,” tanked at the box office. However, audiences love “Prey.”

One tweet about this said: “Yeah. So, Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey (available on Hulu) is one of those movies where come Monday. Execs are going to start wondering if it should’ve been a theatrical release. Because it probably would’ve made a quarter of a billion dollars.”

“Prey” is available to stream on Hulu now.