‘Prey’s Amber Midthunder on the Native American Community’s Response to the Film

by Taylor Cunningham

Since its debut, Prey has been a hit for Hulu. Not only did it break the streaming giant’s record and become its most-watched premiere ever, but it also earned a 93% on the coveted Tomatometer. And it’s still bringing in praises to date. But star Amber Midthunder says that out of all of the film’s successes, the Native American community’s response is what she’s most proud of.

Prey, which is the newest addition to the Predator franchise, takes the extraterrestrial story 300 years back when the iconic monster began stalking the Comanche Nation. And the film’s creators took special care to properly represent the Comanche people. In fact, they hired producer Jhane Myers, who has Comanche lineage, to serve as the historical advisor. And they included a full cast of Native American actors to keep the authenticity, including Midthunder who belongs to the Assiniboine Native American and Fort Peck Sioux Tribes.

When Prey dropped, Midthunder’s biggest concern was how the Native communities would receive the movie. And when she realized it was a big hit with them, she was both proud and relieved.

“There are no words for how that has felt,” she told Collider. “Really, the thing that I was thinking about the most, in making the movie, and then releasing the movie, was how Native people would feel about it. Indian country’s response to the movie was really what I felt the most anxious about. That was the biggest thing that was weighing on me, what the response for that would be. I feel like that’s who the movie was for. And that’s what the movie was about. So to have it come out in that way, and to have Comanche people respond well, and to have Native people, in general, respond well, was a huge sigh of relief.”

Midthunder Has Had Dozens of ‘Beautiful’ Conversations About ‘Prey’s Authenticity

The actress went on to share that she’s had dozens of “meaningful” and “beautiful” interactions with people since Prey’s release on Aug. 4. And out of all the fanfare, those conversations have been the most rewarding of all.

“There’s nothing that could top that,” Midthunder continued. “There’s no amount of chart breaking or anything that could top what that means to me. But then, you step back and look at all those other things, like the number one release and the high numbers on Rotten Tomatoes. And it literally feels like we’re living in a dream.”

“I don’t think I thought about what would happen after the movie came out,” she added. “But I know that I wasn’t expecting this at all, and I’m so grateful.