‘Prey’s Amber Midthunder on Her Character Battling Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch: ‘I Could Take Him’

by Megan Molseed

Amber Midthunder, the star of the popular Hulu movie Prey has certainly impressed streaming audiences all across the globe. The film is the latest in a series of sequels to the 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger-led film Predator. And, this particular installment is being hailed as one of the best in the entire decades-long franchise since the original hit the big screen in 1987.

However, this now makes us wonder…does this massive success mean that the film’s protagonist, Amber Midthunder’s Naru could take the original Predator lead, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch? Well, say Mindhunter and Dan Tractenberg (Prey’s director) Naru could very possibly take on Dutch and win.

Could Amber Midthunder’s Prey Character Take On Dutch, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator Character?

During a recent interview with CinemaBlend, Prey director Dan Trachtenberg discussed some key points of the popular Hulu film along with members of the cast. One of the topics addressed during the discussion is who would emerge the victor in a battle between Schwarzenegger’s Dutch and Midthunder’s Naru?

It’s definitely Naru, Trachtenberg and Midthunder agree. Midthunder’s Prey character is a young Comanche warrior who fights to protect her tribe from a dangerous alien. And, her warrior skills are exactly what will give Naru the upper hand against Dutch, Trachtenberg notes. In his response, the Prey director notes that the cast of Prey all know the “right answer” to the question.

He credits Naru’s intense knowledge of the wilderness as being the biggest strength…along with her fierce battle skills of course.

This, Trachtenberg notes, gives Naru a major head start over Schwarzenegger’s Dutch because she is starting in a spot that is far ahead of the original Predator star. She has a knowledge that Dutch doesn’t quite have at the start.

Both Characters Certainly Have Their Own Strengths To Play Off

Of course, this assessment is a subjective one. Especially when one begins matching up the characters based on their own strengths. Prey takes place in the great plains centuries before the original film…all the way back in 1719. Also, notes Trachtenberg, Naru sets out on a journey to take on a threat that certainly frightens her. However, Schwarzenegger’s Predator character enters the battle against the invading creature with a sort of “nonchalance,” the director notes.

Since Prey hit the Hulu library last weekend, the film has become Hulu’s No. 1 premiere to date. This includes all TV series premieres and film premieres on the popular streaming service so far.