‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Original Cast Members to Reunite With Eddie Murphy for Sequel

by Suzanne Halliburton

Several major cast members from the original Beverly Hills Cop are reuniting with Eddie Murphy to give movie fans another hilarious Axel Foley experience.

Production already has started for Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley. It’s the fourth installment of the Beverly Hills Cop comedy/drama franchise, but the first since 1994. And the main members of the cast are all involved with this new movie, which was given new life when Netflix got behind in 2019.

So this means that Murphy will join original co-stars Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Paul Reiser and Bronson Pinchot for another Axel Foley chapter. Fans already are spotting Murphy around LA doing scenes for the movie.

In This Beverly Hills Cop Sequel, Axel Foley Brings His Daughter

There aren’t many specifics about the new movie. But we know that Murphy’s Foley is back to investigate corruption in Beverly Hills. And his daughter and her ex-boyfriend will be working with him.

Basically, the Beverly Hills Cop franchise helped turn Eddie Murphy into a superstar. First came his Saturday Night Live career. Then, he and Dan Aykroyd starred in the hilarious Trading Places. Fans loved Billy Ray Valentine, a small-time thief turned super rich commodities trader. And by 1984, Murphy was Axel Foley, the street-smart Detroit cop who comes to Beverly Hills to investigate the murder of Mikey, his childhood best friend.

Judge Reinhold, Eddie Murphy and John Ashton from the original in 1984. (CBS via Getty Images)

Movie Franchise Has Earned More than $700 Million Worldwide

Beverly Hills Cop was the highest-grossing movie in 1984. Beverly Hills Cop II followed three years later. And its box office was comparable to the original, coming in at No. 3 for the year behind Fatal Attraction and Three Men and a Baby. Plus, the movie was nominated for an Oscar for Best Song. (Bob Seger’s “Shakedown”).

John Landis, who directed Murphy in Trading Places and Coming to America, was involved in the third Beverly Hills Cop that premiered in 1994. Its reviews and box office take made it the lowest performing of the three movies.

But since then, there have been talks about a fourth movie. Besides, there’s a market for Murphy nostalgia. Amazon Studios produced Coming 2 America, the hit sequel to the 1988 movie. It premiered on Amazon Prime in March 2021.

In the first Beverly Hills Cop movie, Reinhold and Ashton portrayed detective Billy Rosewood and sergeant John Taggart with the BHPD. They initially tracked Foley, but then started working with him. Foley went around the rules, while Rosewood and Taggart were more by-the-book kind of cops. Reiser played detective Jeffrey Friedman from Detroit, while Pinchot portrayed Serge. Reinhold was the only other actor to appear in all three movies.

CBS tried to bring the movie to the small screen, with a series focused on Axel’s son. This was back in 2013. But Murphy wouldn’t commit to appearing as a guest star, so CBS killed the project.

The fourth movie won’t be exclusively old cast members. Taylour Paige and Joseph Gordon-Levitt also are in the cast.

Murphy is producing the fourth installment with Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman.