‘Blonde’ Star Ana de Armas Speaks Out About Marilyn Monroe Movie’s NC-17 Rating

by Joe Rutland

Actress Ana de Armas stars in the upcoming biopic Blonde about Marilyn Monroe but she’s not happy with the movie’s NC-17 rating. The movie, which takes its name from the Joyce Carol Oates novel, looks at Monroe’s life. Yes, we understand that it looks at different aspects. Even de Armas admits, according to Variety, that the movie goes to some tough places in the Monroe story.

“I didn’t understand why that happened,” de Armas said. “I can tell you a number of shows or movies that are way more explicit with a lot more sexual content than ‘Blonde.’ But to tell this story it is important to show all these moments in Marilyn’s life that made her end up the way that she did. It needed to be explained. Everyone [in the cast] knew we had to go to uncomfortable places. I wasn’t the only one.”

Director Of ‘Blonde’ Speaks Out About Rating Issue

Andrew Dominik, who directed the movie, also is talking about the rating issue. This movie, by the way, is set to run on the streaming platform Netflix. Dominik’s comments were made to Vulture. He believed that they were going to possibly see an R rating. It was his belief that they possibly were doing a movie that would potentially get that rating. And Blonde is due to premiere at the Venice Film Festival soon, so people will get their first look at this film. Yes, with its NC-17 rating, too.

“I was surprised. Yeah. I thought we’d colored inside the lines,” Dominik said. “But I think if you’ve got a bunch of men and women in a boardroom talking about sexual behavior, maybe the men are going to be worried about what the women think. It’s just a weird time. It’s not like depictions of happy sexuality. (And) It’s depictions of situations that are ambiguous. And Americans are really strange when it comes to sexual behavior, don’t you think? I don’t know why.”

Movie Synopsis Paints Picture Of ‘Blonde’

Meanwhile, according to Variety, Netflix “insisted” on bringing in Hereditary and Tenet editor Jennifer Lame into the project. Her goal was to reportedly “curb the excesses of the movie.” Finally, Dominik, according to an interview with ScreenDaily in February, did say that Blonde is “a demanding movie. If the audience doesn’t like it, that’s the f**king audience’s problem. It’s not running for public office.”

In case you would like to read the synopsis of the movie, here’s what Netflix is sharing: “[The film] boldly reimagines the life of one of Hollywood’s most enduring icons, Marilyn Monroe. From her volatile childhood as Norma Jeane, through her rise to stardom and romantic entanglements, ‘Blonde’ blurs the lines of fact and fiction to explore the widening split between her public and private selves.”