‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Celebrate Show’s Return to Netflix Weeks After Shocking Exit

by Caitlin Berard

After 15 years of weekly episodes following the BAU and their ongoing fight against the nation’s most heinous criminals, Criminal Minds came to an end in 2020, leaving fans everywhere without the thrilling show that had been a consistent source of entertainment for more than a decade.

All was not lost, though, as the beloved police procedural was still available to watch on Netflix. And though the streaming service didn’t have all 324 episodes, the vast majority had been there for years, waiting to provide background noise, comfort viewings, or new excitement for users who had never seen the show.

At the end of June, however, Criminal Minds and Netflix parted ways for the first time since 2014, leaving fans heartbroken once again. The absence of the crime drama was particularly shocking considering it was a consistent top performer for Netflix all the way up until its removal.

Now, all 15 seasons were still available on Paramount Plus, the home of the coming Criminal Minds revival. Hulu had the first six seasons of the series as well, as long as you didn’t mind ad breaks.

But that did nothing for Netflix users, who were used to the ability to casually flip on their favorite show at any time. The reason for the split was simply due to the contract between the user-favorite show and Netflix expiring.

Fans Celebrate the Return of ‘Criminal Minds’ to Netflix

With the coming Paramount Plus series, fans assumed the split was permanent. Less than two months later, however, the hit crime drama had returned to Netflix.

When fans logged onto the streaming service today to see that their favorite show was available to watch once more, an outbreak of celebrations broke out across social media. To say fans were excited would be an understatement.

Criminal Minds is back on Netflix, no better way to start the day,” one fan wrote. “HAPPY FRIDAY! Criminal Minds is back on Netflix,” another said. “The best thing Netflix has ever done is put Criminal Minds back onto its site,” agreed a third.

Some fans even joked that the reunion was their doing. “I wrote a whole ass complaint about Netflix taking off my fav shows and then they put Criminal Minds back?? Coincidence I think not,” one fan joked.

“The way fans bullied Netflix into putting Criminal Minds back LMAO,” another said. “They put Criminal Minds back on Netflix. They didn’t even have it off for 2 months!! I wonder how many angry letters they got,” remarked a third.